Building Bridges for Fundraising

Education is a matter of building bridges. Tell me, how are you educating people about your organization? Wouldn’t it be great to build bridges, which lead to paving the road for financial success? It can happen. And, you know your organization better than anyone else. Teach people what you know. Then, connect them with your mission and bridge the gap.

When you think back to your days in school you may not remember the techniques your teachers used. Personally, I don’t. The thing I do remember is this, and I paraphrase, “Knowledge is not needing to know everything, it’s knowing where to look to find the things you need.”

Google found the following steps on how to teach others. I’ve added the definitions:

  1. Exposure – Share your message with others by adding it into friendly conversation
  2. Application – Offer opportunities
  3. Feedback – Accept what people say and see things from their perspective. Their feedback allows for #4
  4. Correction – Respect your program and appreciate the need for adjustments/course corrections to make it better
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until…
  6. Mastery!

Upon reaching mastery you have built a bridge with the people you have shared your program with or exposed it to. They are now involved as a builder. You’ve accepted their participation level and now, it is time to respect and thank them. In the end the program will SOAR because it is built in. Can you see how BOLDLY you can stand out above the rest? Have fun teaching and bridging the gap.




2 thoughts on “Building Bridges for Fundraising

  1. Interesting blog. I think it’s so fascinating all the different types of blogs that are out there in the ethers. Good luck with your business, you have a lot of very useful information here for anyone loooking to raise money. Thank you so much for the follow of my blog 🙂

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