Successful Fundraisers Do THIS Three Times a Day

What could it be? Three times a day is fifteen times during a week if we’re talking about workdays. It is 780 times a year without taking a vacation. There is not a second that goes by where fundraisers think about vacation while on the job, right? It is all work and no play when it comes down to putting your nose to the grindstone. OUCH!

Share the mission of your organization three times a day, somewhere, in some way and you will develop more relationships than you ever imagined. Chances are you are presenting your mission to more than one person at any given time and then 780 times per year becomes much larger. On average – one presentation a month touches thirty people. That just raised your number to 1128 per year. Feel free to check my math.

These numbers make it real easy to connect with the right 226 people who are passionate about your organization. I am using the old formula of getting 80% of the results from 20% of the group. You may not be quite as optimistic and would prefer to go with 10% of the group, which is still a great number. 113 people can certainly make a huge difference for you when they tell 2 – 3 people about what you do. See how the numbers work? They are powerful.

Successful fundraisers share the mission three times a day. This can be during a phone conversation, through an email or newsletter. It may also be with someone who already knows about the mission and now they are getting updates on what’s new. Think three.

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