Raising a Buck and Going Fast – Thoughts on Fundraising

A buck is another name for a dollar in America. It is also one hundred when you are talking speed. You have probably heard someone say, “She had to pay three hundred bucks for the ticket she got while driving a buck-twenty on the highway,” right? This means she paid a $300 fine for going 120 miles per hour. It’s a stretch, I agree. The cops would have to catch her first. ; )

One thing I do know is that you can raise a buck in a fast way when you focus on the process. This part takes separating yourself from everything else you are doing for 90 minutes a day in order to focus on:

  • Resources
  • Outreach
  • A Firm Plan

Resources: Spend time discovering what is already available and what you will need to find. Other people may have more knowledge than you do on the resources to consider. Your goal is to make time to visit with the right people, and make objective decisions on the best direction for moving forward in a productive way. You may have to be proactive and make changes some people are not happy with. Your supervisor is the one to approve these moves. Ask for their permission to blame them if someone gets upset with your changes. NEVER blame anyone without asking for his or her permission first.

Outreach: Discover the channels within your community and base your path on the best strategic moves for achieving the results you want. More power for your buck is what I like to say. “Leads” or referral groups are great places to explore. This is where other people refer your mission to their associates. I am happy to brainstorm outreach opportunities with you – feel free to send an email to iwantto@soarwithnetworkfundraising.com and we can set up a time to talk. This is between friends.

A Plan: What does fundraising look like for your organization? You may already have a foundation to build upon and this can be good or bad. It depends on what has already happened in the past. Have people been appreciated for their gifts? Things to consider when developing your plan:

  • How much money by when?
  • Methods for raising money
  • Timeline for each method
  • Participants (Advocates)
  • Tracking
  • Maintaining focus

“Buck” was derived from pioneer times in America when deer (or buck) skins were used as currency. The richly textured and visually stunning animal was valued as cash, which today is not so attractive to imagine since money is dirty and covered with germs. I’m obviously used to looking at deer from a distance.

“The buck stops here” was a phrase used by President Harry S. Truman in speeches and it was meant to encourage people to take responsibility. I pass the buck (fundraising ideas) on to you, in a good way. Now, you have the power to listen to our President’s words of wisdom. Good luck and much success!

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