Engaging People to Help Raise Money

A lot of time we feel we have to fund raise alone. It is our project. We don’t want to add burden to anyone else, after all, he or she is already so busy. Suggestion #1: Let people decide for themselves if they want to be engaged. A true leader once told me, “You do not know someone.” It is very true. We do not know what a person is thinking or feeling unless we ask.

As humans we are meant to socialize. We all desire to feel important, special, and to help others. Birds within a flock are great role models because they step up to help each other when a member of their flock gets tired. Let us learn from them.

Leaders and Followers

Birds have a leader at the head of the V formation and there are many followers, which form the flock. The leader drops back into the flock when they become tired. Another bird takes over the lead when this happens in order to continue the momentum.

A Leader in network fundraising is connected in the community and creates opportunities for people. They see the strengths in others and lift people up by empowering them to use their natural gifts. A Leader cares about the success of people around them.

Birds in a flock head in the same direction, which allows them to be cohesive.

Members of an organization share a common vision, which ultimately drives them to do good work. An organization achieving fundraising success values the people working alongside them. They are kept informed and feel appreciated for what they do.

Have you ever heard of the seven ways to thank someone? I first heard about this from a wonderful colleague when I worked for a non-profit but I don’t have the details specifically from her. This list comes from the Harvard Business Review. I hope you find it to be helpful.

  1. Handwritten thank-you note
  2. Send something fun – we get lots of communication so send something to stand out
  3. Make an introduction for two people so they may build a partnership
  4. Offer to help…and deliver
  5. Circle back at a later date
  6. Send a video note
  7. Make a good old-fashioned phone call

Small, regular acts of kindness can change your life and increase the involvement of people in your program. People are more likely to step up and give you a break from doing all the heavy lifting. They are more likely to become part of your V formation – or flock! They will become part of the group who are willing to SOAR with you.

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