REACH Your Fundraising Goal!

First and foremost, build a strong volunteer program to help with fundraising.

We often have volunteers in our organization. Every staff member has the potential to have a volunteer(s) focused on a portion of their mission. Usually the volunteer is someone who likes being involved with the staff, and especially the role they play.

  1. Let people decide how they want to be engaged in your program by first sharing your message and then offering opportunities for people to participate in your mission.
  2. Create a list of things you currently do, which a volunteer could do. Take three days during your work day and write things down when you are doing something a volunteer could do.
  3. Determine how people’s interests overlap with your mission. What role can they take in helping you to move forward AND how can you give back to help in fulfilling THEIR mission?

As humans we are meant to socialize. Shift gears for a minute. Think of birds flying within a flock. They work together to achieve their goal quickly and efficiently. The leader flaps its’ wings and creates an updraft for the birds following behind. This is giving back. When the leader is tired another bird takes over. The same is true with creating a great volunteer program.¬†

A great volunteer program happens because the leader builds a strong V-formation, just like birds do while flying in a flock.

  1. A Leader in network fundraising is connected in the community and creates opportunities for people.
  2. A leader sees the strengths in others and lifts people up by empowering them to use their natural gifts.
  3. A Leader cares about the success of people around them.


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