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I recently had the opportunity to speak with a director for a non-profit participating in the Indy Give! campaign in Colorado Springs. People who live nearby know about The Independent, which is a free newspaper listing all of the happenings. A must-have sitting on your table when you are choosing what to do this weekend. Indy Give! is their fundraising initiative.

Mission of Indy Give!

1. To encourage those individuals who do not regularly give back to our community to donate time and money, with particular emphasis on getting those in their 20s and 30s to become philanthropists;

2. To educate El Paso and Teller County residents about the vital work undertaken by relatively small, innovative nonprofits operating in and for our community;

3. To provide a Pikes Peak region-centric philanthropic platform that makes giving back to our community extremely easy, enjoyable and effective;

4. To generate applause and increase the fundraising and organizational capacity as well as the long-term viability and visibility of participating nonprofits.

What I have learned is that through participation the return is well worth the effort. Interested non-profits submit an application and pay a fee. Non-profits who are chosen to participate are part of a two month campaign. The fee to be involved more than covers the recognition, marketing, training they receive on the steps for fundraising this way. The non-profit leader I spoke with raised nearly $17,000 with a $600 investment. Everyone who participates is guaranteed to at least raise $1500 to cover their initial costs.
Visit to learn more about how the process works in Colorado Springs. This is an idea you may want to establish in your community OR you may have something similar already happening, which you are not aware of.
The organization receiving the most donations raised nearly $53,000 in 2016 through Indy Give! Many organizations use this style of fundraising exclusively and include their own outreach as part of their cultivation techniques. Something to think about if you are looking for something new.

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