Fundraising Events – Good for the Heart

Amazing people do amazing things. Raising money comes from the heart and in this case, gives to the heart.

This morning I met with the Executive Director for the American Heart Association in Colorado Springs. She is focused on her goal of raising more money than they’ve ever raised before. I asked her to tell me about the events she has planned and it was truly spectacular to hear how she is engaging the networking arms of people. She understands the value this adds to her efforts. SOARing to new heights with the help of others is what I like to say.

Her agency has three main fundraisers, and many other outreach programs. It did my heart good to hear about the free CPR class they did this past weekend. The local office has made it their goal to teach everyone they can how to save a life through CPR.

The Heart & Stroke Walk is coming up in June in Colorado Springs. Details can be found at

The event, which really grabbed my attention was the “Go Red For Women” campaign coming up in September. The event is a day of education and networking. The importance of networking for fundraising is what I preach – share – discuss. It was wonderful to talk with someone who is seeing the success by including it within their fundraising initiatives.

We can walk and we can talk. I have a headset and the ability to walk at anytime. How about you? Shall we kill two birds with one stone and get on the phone to discuss how to bring networking into your fundraising program? This is between friends. I am not charging anyone for this. There are no strings attached. We learn best from each other and open communication.

Check things out on Facebook: and Meet up with you there. We increase potential when we learn from others.

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