The Best Style For Raising Money

What’s in and out of style? We know things change and today, at a much more rapid pace than twenty years ago.

I was reading online this morning about an upcoming fundraiser, which has to do with alcohol consumption and using a school bus for transportation. Do you know the song, “The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round?” Can you imagine eating outside a restaurant and a bus full of people under the influence of alcohol goes by singing the song loudly? Are you going to know they are in the process of raising money for charity? No. Are you going to have feelings about the school, which is named on the outside of the bus?

Another song is now top of mind…”Hop on the bus, Gus. Make a new plan, Stan.”

When you’re spending time developing a fundraising plan think about it from all angles, including how it might look to the donor you want to attract. A good plan considers these things:

  • How much by when?
  • Methods for raising money
  • Timeline for each method
  • Participants
  • Resources (current + what’s needed)
  • Tracking mechanism
  • Maintaining focus of your program with your team

I hope this article gets your wheels turning with thoughts on your fundraising plan! I certainly apologize ahead of time if your style involves school buses and, I won’t say the rest. This is another perspective to consider. Good luck with all you do today!

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