The Lucky Ones in Fundraising!

Have you ever noticed how some people always get what they want? They tend to come off as being the lucky ones. Maybe you’re one of these people. Does the parking spot in front of the store open up just as you’re driving in? Does a new cashier open a line when you’re ready to check out with groceries? Are you a lucky one?

Let’s take a few minutes to determine who is and who is not a lucky one in fundraising. Let’s say you are the fund raiser. The person responsible for raising money for operations. I am the donor. Then, we have someone or something being helped by the money being raised. Me + You = More for someone or something.

More is defined as a greater amount or degree. It is the goal of fundraising, right? Let’s raise more. Let’s give more. Let’s supply more resources. Anytime MORE comes into the conversation there are additional things to think about. It makes sense, right? This may also bring more challenges.

Who are the lucky ones then? They have vision. The parking spot opens up because they believe it will. The new grocery clerk comes on duty because they know a new line will open up at the cash register…mostly, because it’s time! A line has formed down the ice cream aisle and around the candy bin. More is not always good!! YIKES!

Steve Jobs believed he was lucky because he found what he loved to do early in life. He was only ten when he ran into his first computer. When he was twelve he called Bill Hewlett (no unlisted numbers at the time) to get spare parts for a frequency counter. He got the parts and then Bill hired him the next summer.

Steve Jobs believed the web would change the world and he mentioned it in a video I watched last night online. The video was from the mid 90’s when he was between roles at Apple. There was certainty in his voice about the web changing the word in the future. He believed it and he described what it’s like today!!

Do you believe your fundraising methods are going to be successful? If you’re not sure it’s time to describe your plan in detail, and write it down. Think about the steps for accomplishing your financial goal and put together a timeline to make them happen. If what you’re doing now is not going to get you there think about alternatives, and take the time to course-correct. It’s never too early to visualize the future. It’s always okay to make changes. Jobs is the perfect example. Good LUCK!!


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