How many people does it take to raise $115,000?

How many people does it take to raise any amount of money? It’s a loaded question, right? The variables are endless.

Take the question out of the scope of asking for major gifts and bring it to the community level because that’s when funding is sustainable. Now, how many people? There’s a fundraiser called a migration (moving from an area of low resources to an area of high resources) where networking plays a part. This fundraiser can raise $115,000 with less than twenty people’s help when they work alongside you to develop networking events for fundraising.

Networking brings people together to help them grow their market share through building relationships. When you set networking events up your organization is giving back to others. Giving is a good feeling. When an organization gives opportunities to others those people look for a way to give back. It’s win/win. They look for a way to fill your need.

SOAR with Network Fundraising has a webinar series where you can learn how to grow your fundraising program through the use of networking events. It’s inexpensive, $129, and what you learn will make an impact on the results for fundraising in your community.

There’s a short video (7 min.) about the SOAR Webinar Series and the impact networking events have made for others. Click here to view!

The video link above gives you an idea of how to establish monthly networking events to grow awareness about your organization in the community. These events have proven success! The webinar series goes much deeper into four parts of the process. The video explains!

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