Growing up with better things is a trend that continues with fundraising

We want our children to have better things than what we had growing up. The same is true with SOAR with Network Fundraising. It’s taking the best and spreading it around because we want to grow up with better things. A portion of that line was stolen from Steve Jobs.

Did you know Jobs took a company that was was 90 days away from bankruptcy and turned it into the most valuable company in America in the mid nineties? Yes, Apple turned a big corner when Jobs was able to use an innovative approach. Look at the number of Apple laptops, iphones and ipads you see the next time you’re in a public place.

SOAR with Network Fundraising is a fundraising system. It’s taking innovative solutions, which have historically worked in raising money, and putting them into a format so anyone can learn how to be successful at fundraising. SOAR has a webinar series about how network fundraising works. Once you get involved with learning the system Gayle Gross, the founder of SOAR with Network Fundraising, is available for questions.

Network Fundraising is a valuable method for increasing the amount of money non-profits raise. Is the idea for everyone? YES!! Anyone looking to raise money will benefit from the tools taught in this system. In fact, a person just looking to build relationships for any type of business growth will benefit because there are tidbits on marketing, planning events to spread the word, and the basics for networking with others.

You can send messages to Gayle via Facebook at or via email at if you’d like to learn more. The link below will let you sign up for the webinar series right now. After paying for the series you receive an email with the link to register for the first one.

SOAR Webinar Series



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