Invest $129, $150 or $3600 and fund-raise MORE dollars exponentially!

SOAR with Network Fundraising offers three levels of service to people wanting to raise more dollars. The founder, Gayle Gross, provides education at each of the levels listed below.

  1. SOAR Webinar Series  – $129
  2. SOAR Discovery Session – $150
  3. SOAR Network Fundraising from the Ground Up! – $3600

SOAR Webinar Series is 180+ minutes of education within four internet sessions. A person going through the series is invited to join a quarterly conference call with other fundraisers who have also been involved with the series. The idea is to create a culture of success. The book, SOAR with Network Fundraising, is included and participants have an opportunity to request additional resources during the programming.

SOAR Discovery Session is a 50-minute call with an organization to discuss their current fundraising program. The goal is to provide an audit of systems, with a complete report on suggested changes to achieve desired results. An organization is asked to provide answers to specific questions related to fundraising prior to the scheduled call.

SOAR Network Fundraising from the Ground Up! is a year-long fundraising intensive for an organization including monthly communication and additional resources. Gayle works with the lead fundraiser as a mentor and coach. This is 1:1 focused attention for an organization. Everyone working with Gayle has seen an increase in fundraising during their time with her.

Gayle limits participation at the $3600 level to a select group. This allows for individualized attention to programs, which is different for each organization. Join the list to be included at this level by scheduling a SOAR Discovery Session first. See Gayle’s calendar now to schedule a SOAR Discovery Session.

You will see a link when scheduling, which looks like image #1 below. You can choose a date on the calendar or click “next” if the date and times shown are not good for you. 

Image #1:

Screen shot 2017-08-21 at 1.02.26 PM

Fill in your personal information after choosing a date and time. See Image #2 below. This is a partial image of what you will actually see and complete.

Image #2:

Screen shot 2017-08-21 at 1.02.50 PM

You receive an email from SOAR after payment is received, which contains a questionnaire to be filled out and returned prior to the call you’ve scheduled.

Fundraising professionals work best in a culture where people understand them. Gayle is a professional fundraiser, who has led many organizations to financial success. She creates a comfortable space for people raising money. If you have any questions, please use the email link above.


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