Fundraising Tips #1 through #9

1 РShare your message with others mastermind
2 – Offer opportunities for people to be involved in your programhigh five
3 – Accept the way people want to participatetip#3 accept participation
4 – Respect, appreciate and thank peopleBest gift is you copy
5 – Bring people together for an activity related to the missionsharingthelove
6 – Find ways to help others by participating in their activities and volunteering as a representative of your organizationlendingahelpinghand
7 – Refrain from encouraging people to do something they’re not comfortable doingGroup Of People Thumbs Up Blue Sky.Copy Space
8 – Call people and say thank you. We tend to resort to text, email, and sending letters. Take time to call people. Add it to your calendar so you won’t forgetyouer than you
9 – Speak to people about your mission. Schedule times to be in front of people. Civic organizations are a great start


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