Fund Raising Webinars – $129; Return on Investment – Priceless!

What if you invested $129 today and it turned into $12,900 within four months? Would that be a good return on your investment? Most people would expect to invest money and within four months receive a 3% return during a much longer timespan.

SOAR with Network Fundraising coaches people through a fundraising system, which is very capable of turning a $129 investment into $12,900 within four months. In fact, it has done better than that. $129 pays for a webinar series to learn a fundraising system. There are four sessions in the system:

  1. SOAR – This is a program for developing and managing relationships
  2. Networking – This is using the concept of networking events for sharing your message
  3. Advocate Program – This is explaining the process for bringing advocates on board, managing that volunteer program and motivating people to assist your fund raising program
  4. Migration – This is taking all you’ve learned and migrating it into your program. It’s also a training on a new fundraising idea, which involves networking as the tool.

After you’ve gone through the webinar series you’ve invited to join a mastermind group. This is a quarterly conference call for like-minded individuals. You continue to learn from others during the process.

Sign up for the webinar series and get started today! Purchase now!


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