Teaming “for-profits” and “non-profits” for mutual success in fund raising!

SOAR with Network Fundraising is a fundraising system that has proven it can increase dollars raised by $29,000 within four months. SOAR is bringing three non-profits and three for-profits together for an opportunity to create awareness of participants’ services. SOAR will work directly with these six organizations, teaching them about hosting networking events to increase market share. The only cost is purchasing refreshments and it depends on what the organizations want to offer. The goal is for all participants in this venture to spread their wings through working together to create mutual success in raising money.

If you are a for-profit business with enough space to host thirty people in the Colorado Springs area you can be involved with this opportunity. Please, send an email to to be considered.

If you are a non-profit business hoping to increase awareness in the Colorado Springs area you can be involved with this opportunity. Please, send an email to to be considered.

SOAR will host the three events in October. A for-profit and non-profit will be partnered for each event.

When you send your email add the following information:

  1. Organization/Business Name
  2. Type of services you offer
  3. Financial goal for the next year

Good luck and I hope to chat with you soon! – Gayle

14046121_10204846371117808_4669610499791876103_n-1Gayle Gross has twenty-two years of fundraising, business and program development experience. She began by developing a Pampered Chef business, coaching other consultants and achieving directorship within one year. She sat on the board for Centennial Lutheran Church in Littleton, Colorado and assisted with marketing their programs. She developed a business airbrushing goalie masks for hockey players nationally through word of mouth. Eventually Gayle worked for Park State Bank & Trust in Woodland Park and helped to increase market share through coordinating networking events. She later worked for Mosaic, which is a national non-profit. She has developed a fundraising system, which works for non-profit and for profit organizations alike. NOW, she brings the two together with the goal of teaching others how easy it is to increase funds being raised.


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