What does raising $50,000 look like?

The steps listed below are recommended AFTER you bring people in to learn about your mission through Organized Networking Events*.

Step #1:

You meet with an individual to learn more about them, listens to their ideas, and determine where your organization and their interests overlap. This is considered a one to one (“1:1”) networking meeting. It is never longer than one hour.

Use the simple format below to keep your meeting on task.

  • Greeting and getting comfortable with each other. FORM is a great acronym to remember for this process. Getting to know a little bit about Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Motivation/Message
  • Discover the connections you each have in the community and the best way to stay in touch with each other (email, phone, social networks)
  • Exchange ideas and when this person makes a suggestion, make them right! You may not agree or it may be something you’ve already tried. It is okay to request more information on their perspective.
  • Let the person know you want to follow up with them and ask for their permission to do so

Step #2:

Create opportunities for the person you met with. Provide support in ways, which are meaningful for them and adds value to their business or other interests. Determine how this new person likes to be recognized, and provide network leads and ways they can expand their mission through your knowledge.

It is important to do the following:

    • Follow up with them in a timely manner (3 – 5 days is best)
    • Use their preferred contact method (email, phone, social networks)
    • Send a thank you note for their time (hand-written is best)

Step #3:

You are the professional of intuition for this step. Determine the best way to integrate the new person into your mission. I teach about how someone helping you with fundraising is your best volunteer. Sometimes it means bringing them on board through another means because it is the way they are most in tune. This requires talking with them, getting to know their interests. The following scenario is simply a caution to remember.

Scenario: There was a young woman I coached who loved people and getting to know them. She became friends so well she lost the ability to ask them for money. It became difficult because she knew of their hardships. Network Fundraising requires a comfortable and professional distance.

The steps above are the basis in developing the V Formation in your organization. When this is established you strengthen the networking arms of everyone involved and SOAR*.

The simple steps listed above helped an organization raise OVER $50,000 within four months. The system is sustainable and has lasting effects!

There’s a training session available from the founder of the system via webinars – 4 sessions for $129. It’s your opportunity to learn from a professional fundraiser in the comfort of your space. There’s also a discovery session, which is a call to determine where you are in the fundraising process. This guides you toward reaching next steps and raising more money!

More info. on Webinar series – click here.

More info. on SOAR Discovery call – click here.

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Gayle Gross discovered the process of increasing market share while working for a bank and developing the position of Relationship Development Professional. At the time, she was sitting on non-profit boards while representing the bank, planning networking events to bring people through the doors of the bank, and rubbing shoulders with a variety of different interest-groups. Network Fundraising grows market share and creates an opportunity to achieve greater financial success. Gayle is the developer, and teacher for sharing this wealth of information.


*Organized Networking Events are taught during the Webinar series. Gayle is also available to consult on the process through the Discovery Session. The guide – SOAR with Network Fundraising can also help with the process and it is available on Amazon through this link.

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