Why is philanthropy good for your community?

This question was recently brought up during a meeting – Why is philanthropy good for your community?

  • Philanthropy is good because it educates people on value.
  • A philanthropic business garners more support.
  • It brings us together toward a meaningful end.
  • It allows people to share concern and be on common ground.

These were immediate replies. Then, more thought got the following responses!

  • Organizations benefit because philanthropy makes a community more vibrant and healthy.
  • It teaches people the lesson of helping others.
  • The marketing involves getting to know other people, places, organizations.
  • Any time people come together in support there’s going to be strong healing nature.

These are great items to bring up when someone wonders why non-profits are beneficial to a healthy and prosperous community. The question, which comes to mind next is – How do you encourage philanthropy among people in communities, especially when your goal is raising dollars for a non-profit?

YOU GIVE! Yes, you give in ways which are meaningful to the people you want to engage.

  • Offer opportunities for people to advance their interests during your mission. This may be including them in a special group because they get to share more about the work they do. You offer a platform for sharing.
  • A person may be interested in a network where you belong. You can invite them to be your guest.
  • Set up levels of participation in your program, which correlates with benefits. A person committing at a specific level may get “take-aways.” They will participate because they find the benefits valuable. This could include marketing via social media, or on a website.  

A very valuable incentive is to invite people to be “in the know.” We all like to be informed and included!







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