Raising Money? Do it your way!

By Gayle Gross

Generally, we conform. Did you know the majority of people do not consider themselves successful. I’ve read in numerous places, after scientific studies, that the number is above 90% for people who never achieve their true desire. When everyone is conforming how can anyone expect to succeed?

Successful people do what they want to do. They set a goal and then determine a way to achieve it because they are passionate about being successful. A successful fundraiser does this, and if they are working for someone else…they get approval first. :  ) 

I consult with people who raise money. There are two groups:

  1. Those who work for a non-profit and it is their job to fund raise.
  2. Those who are in business now and want it to be more profitable.

The biggest benefit I’ve found in life is understanding you can only reap what you have sown. Planting seeds is often referenced with this thought. You plant the seed for an idea and you tend to it with care so it will grow. The same is true with raising money.

You SET A GOAL! Then, think of how you’ll reach that goal because of the experiences and trainings you already have.

Everything you’ve done in your life had purpose. The way you were raised, the mistakes and challenges you had, the successes you rose to the occasion for. They all make you who you are. The direction you need to reach the goal is something you know. And, you also know there are parts of the process, which you cannot do alone.

  • Be purposeful in reaching your goal by making a plan and having the courage to focus on it everyday.
  • Bring the right people on board to help you by forming a Mastermind Group. This is a group of people who know parts of the plan because it’s their specialty. Consider a mentor for fundraising as a member of this group.
  • Be active in the process

There was a time when I had to raise money quickly for a Pow Wow. The Native Americans were led to believe things were coming together and they weren’t. I was brought in at the last minute because I had networks established along with experience as an event planner. We put together a music concert including scriptwriters from Nashville. We had sponsors, and people paid to come. We auctioned off hand-written scripts by the musicians. The timeline for raising money was two months and we raised enough ($7200) to run the Pow Wow for two years.

Your experiences matter and doing what you love is bringing your knowledge together to achieve the goal, which makes a difference. You will succeed in raising money when you do it your way.

I’ve been asked how to talk with a supervisor about a plan. The first thing I say is that your supervisor is on your side. They want you to be successful. Take into consideration all of the aspects of your job, stay within the guidelines of policies and procedures, and weave your plan in. Schedule a meeting with your supervisor. Share the results you expect to achieve through the use of your plan. Ask for their guidance on next steps.

Good luck at attaining success-ability!



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