The one thing you NEED for being successful at raising money!

Consensus – a mutual pact of everyone agreeing on the plan and the method being used.

How often are you able to develop a process and have everyone agreeable to it? What if you could make it happen every time? This would create a strength, which couldn’t be weakened without true intent.

You’ve heard, “Where there’s a will there’s a way.” Think of WILL as an acronym, which means – When I Listen, Lead. This gives permission to the people on a team to take the lead in discussions and planning. It means everyone has input and everyone is heard. The leader is comfortable in letting this happen. They welcome a person sharing ideas. The team is able to speak openly, and in the end come to a rational consensus.

Where there’s a WILL there’s a way! Listening and allowing people to lead speaks loudly. It creates the way to success. Be a WILLful leader and watch your organization grow!


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SOAR has a Webinar Series, which are four sessions describing a fundraising system where networking is the model. COMING SOON – a single session you can purchase for $35, which shares a proven method for bringing volunteers on board and into your mission. 

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