Raise Money with Frequency

Frequency – Tuning in and doing things in a frequent manner – it makes the difference when increasing market share and raising money.

Tune In

  • Spend time thinking about your goal and determine all of the ways you can achieve the results you want – this is the creative process at work!
  • Turn your creative thinking into a list  – making sure to come up with as many ideas as you can but not stopping until you have at least twenty.

Our level-headedness has to think in terms of steps.

Young business woman is going up to the stairs. A concept of a brainstorm. Business icons are drawn on the wall. Concrete background.


The best ideas often do not come until we’re well into our journey up the steps.

  • Once you have your list, prioritize it! What items have the best chance of creating amazing results?
  • Take the top five ideas and put together a plan for achieving each one.


Once you have plans on paper for achieving your goal and the top five are planned out – it is time to implement and TAKE ACTION!

business plan with cup of coffee

Your success takes planning, focusing on the true goal and then following through in a consistent manner. Steps along the way will require frequency and the ability to stay on task.  Good luck!

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