Progression of success!

By Gayle Gross

Right now…what are you thinking about in relation to your business; home; family; favorite pastimes? It takes a progressive thought toward achievement in any one of these things in order to create success. Your success looks different than mine because we each have our own picture of what success is. If you want to chat about success, let’s do it! Click here to see my calendar.

I live downtown in Colorado Springs, which is a wonderful opportunity because it’s easy to walk to places. Restaurants, movies, galleries, and one of my favorite, the “Our Story Coffee” are all close by.

The image for this story really encouraged me to write on this topic. Living downtown also played a part in it. There are people on the streets who look like the man sitting on the ground; the man on the small chair; the man on the folding chair; and the man on the office chair! Every walk of life is here.

Would you like to try something with me? Write down a handful of things, which are most important to you. For example, I would write: happy and healthy family; peace of mind; being successful at my work; sitting with people I love and getting to know them better; being outside and spending time with dogs.

Chances are…the things most important to you are already things you have around you. Am I right? They are the things you think about the most.

The progression of success comes when we set a goal and move towards it. The man sitting on the ground may want to stay there although he doesn’t look happy and he’s got a laptop – probably looking at a photo of a guy in a suit sitting in a cushy office chair! It is up to him to believe he can be that guy and then, it’s up to him to take the steps to make it happen. What he could do:

  1. Focus everyday on his goal
  2. Take steps to achieve the ideas, which come into his mind
  3. Eventually, put together a progressive plan
  4. Take action

The ability to do this alone is not always possible. It is why services are set up to help people. The guy on the ground had obviously taken the progressive steps to be the guy with the biggest smile. He made an effort, which probably took his focus, hard work, and support.

I talk with people to help them achieve a “next step” when it comes to increasing market share and raising more money. A SOAR Discovery session is available for anyone on their journey to move forward. You can learn more about a SOAR Discovery Session through this link.

Yesterday, I met the director for the Ecumenical Social Ministries in Colorado Springs. This organizations helps the homeless people living on the streets. At the time, I was having lunch with the development manager for Eastern Colorado Bank and they buy the laundry soap for ESM. What a wonderful world we live in when people open their hearts to helping others achieve success.

Are you ready to be progressive? Let’s do it together.

SOAR Discovery Session

You may choose to have a 10 – 15 minute FREE call first. I am happy to learn about your program or business and provide feedback from an outside perspective! Click here to see my calendar.

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