The Money’s in the Bank. Is it Really!?

By Gayle Gross

I bet you’ve heard someone say – “I’m sending a check.” This has happened to me a number of times and I’ve even been the one saying it! Although the intent is to write the check, sometimes diversions happen and the the check goes down the “never sent” column. Do you think the person hearing those words, “I’m sending a check” ever forgets about it? Never. And, they may count those word into their total dollars raised if they’re on a mission to raise money and balance the bottom line.

Sometimes people say something, and then they change their mind. Unless the money is in the bank, it cannot be counted when someone says, “count me in.” I know, it sounds contradictory. It’s just safer to wait until you have the dollars in hand. People are human.


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There was a time in 2013 when I trusted the word of someone saying they were in for $5000. These dollars were counted in the total until the confirmation eventually came, through repeated calls and follow-up, that it just wasn’t going to happen! Ugh! The news was disappointing and it changed a number of outlooks. It was something I couldn’t let happen again even though I’m a firm believer in optimism and trusting people’s word.

Follow up for when someone says the “check is in the mail” goes something like this:

  • Send a message to the person thanking them for the check, which is due to arrive. This will prompt them to remember if they forgot!
  • After 10 days – call to let them know their check has not arrived. Make sure you check all avenues before calling to make sure someone else didn’t receive it and deposit the money into the bank account. This call is to protect the sender if they’ve sent the check and now it is lost. You can also mention other types of payment options if you have them. This makes sending money faster and easier!
  • After another 10 days, if the check hasn’t arrived – this is usually a good sign that something has gone awry. Depending on communication, you could ask someone who knows this person if everything is okay? This is certainly not permission to share with anyone else the fact they committed to sending a check to you and they haven’t. Sending a note at this point, letting them know you haven’t received the check and letting them know you will notify them when it comes in, is an option.
  • As time goes on it’s okay to slack off on communication. You may choose to let them make the next move.

In the end the goal is to get the money in the bank. It may be beneficial to send an invoice, giving people options for payment. When direct deposit is an option, the bank or accounting person within your organization can inform you in a timely manner of deposits being made.

Good luck with making it REALLY happen!

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