Prospecting Your Mission

Prospecting is a word people use when they are raising money. Can you think of other professions, which use the word too? (sales professionals, miners, recruiters, etc etc.) The official definition of prospecting on says it’s an apparent probability of advancement, success, or profit. That’s a good image, don’t you think? A nice way to think about bringing people on board for the good of all concerned. 

Did you know there’s also a personality trait called prospecting? What!? Yes – there sure is. There’s an interesting article on the traits of prospecting vs. judging because they are in contrast to each other on the 16personalities website. Here’s the link if you’d like to read more – click here!

In summary – prospecting your mission is when you’re open to situations. Your organization is more flexible and relaxed when it comes to dealing with challenges. You are of the mindset, which looks at the future affects of something prior to making a commitment.

Prospecting your mission in relation to raising money allows you to ebb and flow through the process of achieving the goal. SOAR with Network Fundraising is a prospecting tool. There’s education on proven fundraising systems to help you. Each self-study course is $129 and the value add are the nuggets of knowledge you acquire.

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