Fundraising Coach – Your Personal Advocate Speaks Up and Raises Money!

The coaching program embraces your organization’s current needs and future goals to ensure you have an effective program for raising money. Your organization partners with a SOAR coach for a year and the program digs deep into the challenges you face. A plan is prepared, which offers solutions to any current challenges. Your coach’s goal is to guide you toward fulfilling successful activities within the timeframe to reach your future goal.

First step: A SOAR Discovery Session, which is $150. This determines the level of coaching needed to reach the desired outcome. This is where a plan is hatched and three immediate goals are set for you to begin. Schedule a SOAR Discovery Session.

You may receive feedback during the SOAR Discovery Session that a year-long program is not necessary to achieve your desired results. Adjustments are made in pricing to give you the best program for your organization. This can range from $1250 to $5000 (see what’s included below).

NOT SURE if you want to commit right away? That’s fine. Feel free to set up a 15 minute exploratory call. This does not cost any money. Click here to check SOAR’s calendar. 

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$5000 coaching program includes:

  • Monthly 50-minute call
  • Required templates for marketing and communication
  • Established fundraising plan determined in unison
  • Monthly goals determined by the plan
  • Fundraising professional available for answering questions as they arise (phone or email)
  • Experience of a professional who has been successful in the field of fundraising and is in tune with what other people are doing to raise money

Be part of a select group accepted at the $5000 level. Begin with a SOAR Discovery Session, which determines the level of coaching needed to reach your desired outcome.

Schedule a SOAR Discovery Session now for $150. 

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