Refresher of Fundraising Tips!

SOAR with Network Fundraising offers trainings to help people raise money. The proven methods have assisted others to increase fundraising by 126% within four months. When an organization chooses to join the year-long coaching program SOAR guarantees impressive results. Link to discover more about monthly coaching options!

The best tips for increasing market share:

1 – Share your message with others

2 – Offer opportunities for people to be involved in your program

3 – Accept the way people want to participate

4 – Respect, appreciate and thank people

5 – Bring people together for an activity related to the missionsharingthelove

6 – Find ways to help others by participating in their activities and volunteering as a representative of your organization

7 – Refrain from encouraging people to do something they’re not comfortable doing

8 – Call people and say thank you. We tend to resort to text, email, and sending letters. Take time to call people. Add it to your calendar so you won’t forget

9 – Speak to people about your mission. Schedule times to be in front of people. Civic organizations are a great start


10 – Set the goal and avoid detours.

Screen shot 2017-09-08 at 3.07.43 PMFundraising takes focus on the end result. The ideas, which come to mind…take them seriously! Can they work, or with a few tweaks, create the result you want? Vision is key to getting through the twists and turns without being distracted.




11 – Inspire Othersyoung group listening to business man

12 – Be agreeable. People like it when you accept the things they say. It gives them a good feeling. Focus on being agreeable first. It can save the day!

Maintaining focus and following these simple steps will make a huge difference in your fundraising results. When an organization chooses to join the year-long coaching program SOAR guarantees the results to be IMPRESSIVE! Join us today and benefit from the experience of successful fundraisers. Link to discover more about monthly coaching options!


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