Tools for Increasing Dollars Raised

There are tools for increasing your success for raising money. You avoid the majority of pitfalls, which take up time and do not give you the results you desire, when you follow a simple plan.

First and foremost – rule # 1 – get a fundraising plan set, approved, and implemented. It is key to your future success! Think of a ship heading out without the captain setting a course first. The ship may/may not arrive at the proper destination. And, if it does arrive you have to wonder how the journey went. Were there detours? Was it the best use of time? A map for traveling the course takes away uncertainty when challenges appear. It keeps things simple because you have something to look back on.

The best way to develop your plan is to put a mastermind group together. The recommended members of your group are the people with vision for accomplishing the goal. There’s one person spearheading the steps involved and they put together an outline first. This page will get you started – click here!

You can chat with a SOAR representative, at no cost, to determine the best track for you when it comes to developing a plan, and raising the money you need to fulfill your mission. Schedule time through this link. You’ll notice the time slots are for 15 minutes. If more time is needed another call will be scheduled.

In the end, the group you put together drafts the plan and it is stamped with the approval of the leader for your organization. Step by step – in every way – we move forward to achieve success.

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