Growing Business Relationships

How well are you currently following up and following through with new people you meet? Do you:

  • Take the appropriate time to follow up?
  • Thank people after you meet with them?
  • Connect with people on social media and then send a welcome message after they accept?
  • Do what you say you will do within the timeframe you committed to?

You have probably heard this statement before – building relationships requires a person knowing, liking and trusting you. Do you think this can happen overnight? Truly, it depends on the people involved and on the circumstances. Usually, it takes multiple connections before the relationship gets comfortable. Connections can be calls, emails, meetings, messages on social media, etc. In fact, a variety of styles for connecting are better than using just one. Why? You’re more inclined to reach people because believe it or not – people have preferences on how they like to communicate.

Five simple steps for follow up and follow through.

  1. Set aside time everyday to follow up/follow through (30 min. recommended)
  2. Reply to messages within 24 hours (setting aside a block of time each day is recommended unless a message is marked urgent, which needs attention right away)
  3. Thank people immediately – this could be writing a thank you card the day of an activity and sending right away. It could also be done through a quick text or email, while following up with a handwritten note.
  4. Keep a running list of things you said you would do and make sure they get done within a timely manner. Resourcing your calendar and the task list feature (if it is available) can help with this. Some people also send themselves a text or email once the commitment is made, along with the details.
  5. Confirm with people after your follow up to make sure they received what they expected.

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