Fundraising Goals – In the Bag!

Basically, “in the bag” in the title means your fundraising is secured! You know it’s true because you’ve already accomplished the goal. Whew – a sigh of relief.

You’ve gotten to where you are because people have confidence and trust in you. Take the test! Prove it. Here’s a quick way to decipher your trustworthiness:

  • Do you serve the best interests of others?
    (Not your own interests)
  • Do you communicate all the information people need to be successful?
    (Don’t make assumptions about what you think “they can handle”. Leaders who underestimate the intelligence of their teams generally overestimate their own.)
  • Do you keep your commitments?
    (Leaders must watch their words because even a casual comment can be interpreted as a commitment.)

Yes! Right? You have mastered the art of confidence and trustworthiness. How do you encourage others to do the same? That’s a more difficult mission because we can only lead and hope people will follow.

You can show people how to serve the best interests of others by:

  • Encouraging people to talk and learn more about each other. Then, offering acknowledgement to anyone helping others in meaningful ways. During your next meeting consider engaging people in an activity to promote interaction. This link offers ideas –

You could practice transparency:

Keeping commitments is very important to establish trust. When we think of someone with integrity, we think of someone we can count on to come through on what they promise. Unfortunately, that’s not always a safe bet today. But – we can always be the one to set the example.


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