8 Steps for Building Networks to Raise Money

1.) Collaborative Networking Events are the key! This is when you partner a business, nonprofit, sponsor and attendees. The business and the sponsor may be one in the same.

  • Business – provides location
  • Sponsor – pays for event amenities (food, etc)
  • Non-profit – featured during presentation
  • Attendees come to NETWORK and will see the presentation

2.) The Networking Event is a mix n’ mingle partnered between two presentations.

  • Presentation #1 is 30 minutes
  • The mix n’ mingle is 30 minutes
  • Presentation #2 is 30 minutes

Consider this: Your presentations are the same and feature a non-profit sharing stories about how they’ve helped others. One presentation is 8 a.m. and the second is 9:00 a.m. Each presentation is 30 minutes and in between the people from each presentation come together to network. This happens between 8:30 and 9:00.

3.) Why network at all?

  • Develop relationships for business
  • Grow market share
  • Create sustainability

4.) What is network fundraising?

  • Growing your network through reciprocal service!
  • It’s giving back in meaningful ways because you know what someone values.

5.) Ways of giving back – forming a strong V formation

  • Marketing
  • Invitations to private gatherings
  • Group Participation – building a culture
  • Acknowledgement

6.) Networking methods

  • Attend networking events/groups
  • Host networking events/groups
  • Purposeful Networking – Collaboration
  • 1:1 networking
  • Social networking

7.) Focus on 1:1 Networking Meetings

  • Meeting #1
    • Learn more about the individual
    • Listen to their ideas
    • Determine where the organization and individual overlap
    • Mutually share information about networks
  • Meeting #2
    • Offer support in meaningful ways
    • Add value to their business or other interests
    • Determine how this new person likes to be recognized
    • Provide network leads and opportunities
  • Meeting #3
    • Determine the best way for the Advocate to be involved
    • Make the ask with an established role already in mind.

8.) Three things you can do everyday

  • Talk about what you do with three new people every day!

Connect & Learn More!

Social Networks:

  • soarwithnetworkfundraising.com (FB)
  • gaylegross.com (FB)
  • gayle_gross (Twitter)
  • Linkedin.com/in/gaylegross (LinkedIn)

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