Fundraising increased 371% in 16 months!

SOAR helps organizations achieve financial success through network fundraising.

  1. Relationships are built
  2. There’s giving back in productive and meaningful ways
  3. Advocates are selected
  4. Advocates receive benefits for participating to develop the fundraising system
  5. There’s mutual respect and appreciation, which grows (a volunteer formation develops – “V-formation)
  6. Networking events take place monthly (2 presentations and 1 mix n’ mingle)
  7. Presentations are structured for results
  8. Mix n’ mingles are fun and allow for people to pass business cards
  9. 1:1 Networking Meetings are set up for the Leader (of the V-formation) and guests of networking events
  10. Persistent consistency creates positive results and goals are met!

Goal Reached Newspaper Headline Article 100 Percent Success

SOAR now offers three levels of education instead of two!

  1. Audit of Systems ($374)
  2. NEW Monthly Fundraising Intensive – 6 month program!! ($3740 with $225 down – payment plans available)
  3. Year-long Development Program ($8000 for full package with $225 down – payment plans available)

Education includes

  1. Networking Meeting(s) with SOAR professional.
  2. Training Webinars
  3. Resource materials
  4. SOAR with Network Fundraising book

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