Winning Fundraising System Modifies for EVERY Non-profit’s Budget

Modifications are in style! SOAR with Network Fundraising answers the call to adjust systems to specifically work for you. We ensure your goal and the results you’re expecting are accomplished in a way you can afford. We all know it is not really one size fits all in this world. It’s not one size with the clothes we wear, the places we live, or the dollars we must raise to achieve our goals. It’s always going to be different, this is true, but there are ways we can interpret a return on investment (“ROI”). A fundraising system can be modified from the norm to give you the best ROI when you’re working with us.

A discussion to determine what’s going to work for achieving your fundraising goal IS BEST! A simple conversation gets the ball rolling.

Today, a call went something like this:

Nancy: I got SOAR’s card from a training I went to and I really need a coach for fundraising. I’ve been involved with raising money on a national level and now, this is different. I’m working with a local non-profit. We have this 60th anniversary event coming up in October. It’s supposed to be a fundraiser. 

SOAR: What is your goal for the event?

Nancy: I’d like to raise $75,000.

SOAR: Okay. Does that seem doable for you? Has anyone been planning the event?

Nancy: Yes, there is a chairperson but she is having a hard time pulling things together. We just had a free event with 150 people in attendance. They were very influential community members. It just didn’t seem like it was cost-effective. We spent a lot of time planning it and didn’t make any money. 

Nancy and her non-profit have a very good start, whether they know if or not. They are not going to fit into a six-month program with SOAR and their budget may not expand for the next level. Nancy’s group is looking for a specialized service. They’re not going to benefit from SOAR’s fundraising system the way it is. They want an event planner and Nancy desires a fundraising coach for herself. Three options were offered:

  1. Coaching sessions via phone twice a month. Cost: $50 for each 50-minute session. This offer could also transfer/extend to the chairman of the fundraiser.
  2. Coaching sessions via phone at least once per month as well as a personal visit. Templates and resources provided to facilitate fundraising. Nancy and SOAR are in the same community so a visit is not more than a 5-mile ride. Cost: $225 per month.
  3. This is the preferred combination. It is coaching and event planning combined. The Network Fundraising system can extend into both arenas. Cost will be $2600 without add ons for an 8 month commitment. An example of add ons would be acquiring sponsorships, silent auction items, sending thank you’s, additional follow up, etc. The goal will be to cover everything, including support for the chairman of the event.

SOAR with Network Fundraising has a system for raising money, which people receive training on so they can implement the program in their own community. SOAR also works with people via an a` la carte menu – like the one mentioned above. A fundraising program is determined on an at-need basis. Cost depends on what’s needed. And, there’s room for negotiations because one size does not fit all. Budgets are different, needs are different, WE are different.




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