Building the BEST Fundraising Team

coloraful V of peopleA fundraiser is extremely rewarding when you reach your goal. The bummer is that while you’re creating the fundraiser it can be incredibly stressful and time-consuming if you’re doing it alone.

At SOAR we call volunteers for an organization the V-formation. In order to run your fundraiser successfully and to manage your time properly, we recommend building your V-formation first. Assigning roles gives you the freedom to manage the process. Managing the process is key to winning in the end and reaching your goal.

THE fundraising effort REQUIRES process and persistence. If you are unorganized get someone who is organized and make them a LEADER in your V-formation.

SOAR helps people develop roles and manage processes. You become part of SOAR and resources are provided for guidance and we follow up to improve accountability. Participation is often purchased by the development professional or their supervisor because they want to have a winning fundraising effort. They want to have support. Learn more about SOAR membership by clicking here.


  • Shares the cause and tells the story of how they are connected to that specific purpose
  • Engages donors and sponsors in order to increase donations and lower costs
  • Answers the following question with yes – “will this decision help us raise more money for our cause?”  If the answer is no, spending time on that decision is avoided

Roles for your team

1. Event Coordinator

The fundraising event coordinator is the backbone of any fundraising team. This member’s sole purpose is to make sure the event goes off without a hitch.  As a key member of the V-formation, the event coordinator focuses on the following tasks:

  • Manage and prepares timelines leading up to, during, and following the event
  • Contacts vendors (food, beverage, supplies, decorations, etc.)
  • Coordinates all volunteers for the event
  • Setup/breakdown of the venue

2. Marketing

Your V-formation is more complete when you have a member in charge of marketing. Everyone focuses on spreading the word about the cause and fundraiser – the marketing person initiates the process and provides the materials to everyone.  They focus on:

  • Creating the marketing plan to include different segments of the community
  • Developing collateral for Social media posts, invitations, posters, etc.
  • Reaching out to the community (newspapers, blogs, local news stations) to generate a buzz

3. Hospitality

This person is responsible for welcoming people and making them feel special. They focus on:

  • Being the hostess/host at the event and being the liaison between guests and the event coordinator
  • Making sure all thank you’s are sent within one week of the event
  • Maintaining the peace

Building a strong V-formation depends on communication. Meetings monthly 11 months before the event and transitioning to more often as the event comes closer.

Members of SOAR receive “Fundraising Event – THE Migration” the first month of membership. This lays out a timeline for having a fundraiser around the activity of networking.

Learn more about SOAR participation by clicking here.

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