Fundraising Grows when you SOAR in a V-formation

Volunteer commitment grows when a volunteer feels they are an important part of a successful program. SOAR works with nonprofits to develop the V-formation of fundraising. The giving back scenario matches the same practice of birds flying in a flock.

Nonprofits save money while building fundraising momentum with SOAR because there are credits available for the services they already have in place. Check your credits – click here

Nonprofits grow fundraising they they work on the “contributor” status of a volunteer. A contributor is someone who gets involved in attending, planning, and coordinating activities. SOAR has developed doable (easy) project plans for anyone to implement to raise more money than they have before. The V-formation is one reference. Birds work together to get from a place of lower resources to a place of higher resources quickly and easily. The principle also applies to people. Giving back provides momentum BUT how you give back makes a difference. It’s all in how you SOAR: Share your message; Offer opportunities for involvement; Accept how people participate; Respect and appreciate others

#SOARwithNetworkFundraising allows #fundraising to become the central focus in everyday activites WITHOUT it being the only thing you talk or think about!