Training Others to Advance your Mission

First of all – determine your mission. This is usually the top priority of your role with an organization. Let’s just say it’s to raise money since SOAR is all about lifting people up to help them be successful with fundraising.

“Everything is better when shared.” Have you heard that saying? Someone to help you is all that means in this context. A person, or two, or five, or ten to help you spread the word about your organization and RAISE MONEY! It’s easy when you do three things…

  • Who are you looking for? Determine this. What is the role you hope to attain in order to achieve your mission?
  • What kind of acquisition tools are available? Determine this. How can you implement these tools while adding additional tools to make your program special?
  • Bringing a person on board to fulfill your mission includes retaining them. What perks do you offer? Training is a key part having a person feel comfortable in their role. Regular conversation is another.

Training happens monthly when you bring your team together for a meeting. WARNING!!! Meetings are one hour and an agenda, which is done by the facilitator, is followed. Everyone has an opportunity to see the agenda ahead of time and plug in new items as necessary. The facilitator determines how much time each section of the agenda permits. Starting on time and ending on time are key. If there’s additional items on the agenda and it’s time to end the meeting the facilitator classifies the remaining items (can they be discussed via email or can they be summed it up in five minutes…is so, ask permission to go the extra five minutes).

Training is ongoing and it’s helpful to provide a “new hire” packet, so to speak. This packet includes all of the information a person needs to know in writing. It shares the time commitment a person has signed up for and outlines their participation.

Training at meetings are universal and 1:1 meetings are personal. Making sure to cover both is a way to keep people in the know and on a broader scope when need be. The broader scope takes over when you’re wanting someone to cover another person’s role in their absence. It’s easier to do when everyone on your team knows what’s going on behind the scenes.

In summary – share your mission with people who are able to help you expand your market. In the end, market share is fundraising.