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Gayle helps non-profits raise more money by teaching people how to SOAR. Think of birds flying in a flock. They work together to SOAR by flying in a V formation. The same is true when a fundraiser develops a V (volunteer) formation! SOAR with Network Fundraising brings people together to reach a common financial goal. Gayle is experienced in building networks to achieve success within a few months. SOAR is an acronym for the way you develop and manage relationships for fundraising.

SOAR with Network Fundraising – click to watch a brief video to understand the process of Network Fundraising!

“Gayle Gross is just one of those people that you always want on your team. She will analyze a problem or look at the potential of a situation, and then do what it takes to make it a success. As a fundraiser she has an unstoppable attitude and goes to bat for her organization and everyone in it. From an outsider’s perspective, she has raised the bar in fundraising and brought awareness in such a way that people WANT to get involved.”

Ready to schedule a SOAR Discovery Session (50-minute voice or video call) to know how your fundraising program can be tweaked to increase results?

The SOAR Discovery Session is an audit of your fundraising systems. You will determine three goals you’d like to accomplish and plans for successfully achieving those goals will be discussed.