Secret of $$$ Success!

Trying to get your program off the ground for raising money can make you feel trapped.

  • Like you can’t escape all of the moving parts
  • Like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting very far
  • Like your personal and family life suffers as a result

You want to take things to the next level, but you’re simply BURNT OUT. You’ve barely got the time and energy it takes to figure everything out…

Sound familiar?

What if you learned there was a way to escape this feeling? Or even skip the burnout altogether?

Here are a few ways you can do that…
#1 Get the proper systems in place ASAP,
#2 Learn how to attract a whole lot of the RIGHT people, and
#3 Have the right mindset and confidence to ask for what you want.

You may be thinking, this is all sounds easier said than done – however, it really doesn’t have to be that complicated…

And that’s where we come in:

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Building Networks for Raising Money

Our goal at SOAR with Network Fundraising is to teach others about building networks for raising money. It is the easiest way to grow market share in a fast and productive way. AND, it makes your program sustainable. It’s when you can leave on vacation and someone else can take over without the program missing a beat.

The “must have” for this to work – confidence and trust between all people involved in rolling it out. It has to be this way because people are going to take the lead on some things while others are taking the lead on something else. People who are insecure or have the desire to control others is going to find this process difficult. It’s certainly a learning opportunity for everyone who is open to doing things differently. And, it can be the best thing that’s ever happened for growing your market share and increasing dollar raised.

Realize that during this process one person is going to become the face in the community for the company. Everyone has to be comfortable with that. This is often the person in public relations. We will assume it is you for this article. It is important for you to bring others along with you, into the public eye. Your supervisor is the logical choice. It could also be their supervisor. You know who the top leaders are in your company. It’s important to pay attention to them and get them involved. Impressions are important. The top leaders are protected, and always represented in a good light.

This article is a soft intro into a training being offered as a self-study course with SOAR. You are invited to be the first to get involved in building networks for raising money in your field. Click here to become part of an email group to learn about trainings. This will keep you on the cutting edge of progress.

A couple of steps to get you started with building networks:

  1. Explore opportunities/meetings in your area and make a list of them. Think of these as opportunities to get in front of people. You’re encouraged to keep an open mind on options. People participate in different ways.
  2. Determine the approach for entering (or re-entering) the community. What is your introduction to people, some call this the commercial for your company. You’re encouraged to keep your intro to less than fifteen seconds and include how you help people. Practice this every day for at least ten days. Then, refresh it once a month.
  3. Begin to go above and beyond for others. You may feel you already do this. Step it up a notch while always remembering your mission. It’s important to maintain focus and to be involved with things as they relate to your cause.

The training on building networks is like nothing you’ve ever done before. The same is true for the training on Collaborative Networking Events where for-profit and non-profit companies combine for effective marketing. You can be the first to learn about new trainings when you agree to be part of the email group. Click here to join!


Gayle Gross is the founder of SOAR with Network Fundraising. She shares successful techniques for increasing market share and raising money. You are the next potential candidate to reach your goals. Go with “tried and true” when it comes to processes. Add networking techniques into your model and watch success grow! Gayle has the knowledge to share and you have the opportunity to win big!

Get Ahead – Learn THE Fundraiser Making People Talk!

A Fundraising Migration is a fundraiser people are just discovering but the founder of SOAR has been implementing the concept for more than twelve years. It resources strategies for growing business connections. Organizations are now implementing the program within thirty minutes, which is how long it takes to get the details during the webinar session.


Avoid competition with the same-old events. This one, unveiled in 2017, raises money by bringing new people on board because they are attracted to the networking campaign, which gives back!

14046121_10204846371117808_4669610499791876103_n-1Gayle Gross is the founder of the Fundraising Migration. She’s an expert in the field of increasing market share for non-profit and for-profit organizations. She’s developed programs to increase fundraising by 126% within 4 months. She shares the secrets to achieve your own success!


SOAR – Quick Links for Fundraising Success!

Learn innovative solutions for raising money, which have historically worked for non-profit and for-profit companies.

SOAR with Network Fundraising offers FREE training sessions. They are listed below:

Overview of the SOAR with Network Fundraising system (10 minutes), which gives clues to getting started in raising more money: Click Here!

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SOAR with Network Fundraising offers training sessions requiring a fee. They are listed below:

SOAR Webinar Series, four sessions where NETWORKING is the focus, which you can complete in 160 minutes! Techniques are shared, which increased fundraising 126%! Get started now – $129 – Click Here!

SOAR Discovery Session, which is a 50-minute 1:1 call to audit your current system and determine three goals to move your program forward. This is about you and discovering strategies to get the most from your fundraising steps. Set an appointment now – $150 – Click Here!

“Gayle Gross is a passionate, creative, beautiful soul. I have worked hand in hand with Gayle on fund raising projects. SOAR is the perfect name, for when her ideas and principals are applied you cannot help but SOAR. If you are ready to be an eagle and take flight, SOAR with Gayle Gross.” David Mals

Business Start-Up Tips Help To Raise Money

Make sure your effort to raise money is top notch! How business rolls off your tongue is key to its success. People are always going to ask you what you do for a living. There used to be a time when asking people their profession was a bit invasive. This is not the case anymore. What’s your GOOD answer, your three line statement that’s going to get a person to say “wow!” and want to know more?

Raise money – tips:

  • Offer people what they want to buy! This is done in the wording. People invest because of what something does for them – it could be a physical benefit or feeling.
  • Get cash flow going ASAP because this will help in growing more cash flow! There are a number of reasons why this happens – confidence, ability to put more into the bottom line, and investing in the future.
  • Be frugal and find ways to keep costs low. It’s worth the investment to research options before purchasing. The best solutions are often slightly used equipment, which keeps your overhead low.
  • Always overestimate expenses and underestimate revenue. Doing your due diligence can help when estimating – just lean on the side of caution.
  • Focus on finding the best way to enter the market. This is considered lead generation. How are you going to reach the right people for your product/services. The same is true for raising money for a non-profit. How do you get in front of the right people? The SOAR Webinar Series can help – get more info!
  • Test – test – test and be ready to course-correct.
  • Maintain education as everything changes so quickly. This will put you ahead of the curve.
  • Instead of discounting – add value! This is done in the way you word something. For SOAR with Networking Fundraising we say you’re paying 90 cents for $1.33 worth of service. It’s an added value of 43 cents! This is the Offer!
  • Get a coach! Love this. A coach is outside the business model and sees things from a different perspective. They hold individuals accountable. When you’re beginning a new project – get a coach who has knowledge and success in what you’re doing! A SOAR Discovery Session is the first step with coaching for SOAR with Network Fundraising. It is a 50-minute call and costs $150.

Always available to answer questions at

Gayle Gross worked with a start-up for mobile payment processes. She managed the deplo14046121_10204846371117808_4669610499791876103_n-1yment of the program within banks, which was cutting edge prior to mobile payment services we use today. She is a published author of a fund raising system which has helped organizations increase fundraising up to 126%!! She gained experience in developing business practices, which included marketing via social media. She has helped businesses increase market share through creative networking techniques. She mentors fundraising professionals as well as people interested in expanding their current market. 

The Money’s in the Bank. Is it Really!?

By Gayle Gross

I bet you’ve heard someone say – “I’m sending a check.” This has happened to me a number of times and I’ve even been the one saying it! Although the intent is to write the check, sometimes diversions happen and the the check goes down the “never sent” column. Do you think the person hearing those words, “I’m sending a check” ever forgets about it? Never. And, they may count those word into their total dollars raised if they’re on a mission to raise money and balance the bottom line.

Sometimes people say something, and then they change their mind. Unless the money is in the bank, it cannot be counted when someone says, “count me in.” I know, it sounds contradictory. It’s just safer to wait until you have the dollars in hand. People are human.


14046121_10204846371117808_4669610499791876103_n-1I’ve worked in a bank, been a donor, asked for donations, developed a few start-ups and worked for one professionally. The experience I have has led me down the path of coaching people on a system for raising money, which I developed using tools for networking. I’m always seeking those businesses open to expanding on a new level. The progressive types who are ready to make an impact. Are you ready? Let’s begin with a SOAR Discovery Session where you can share information with me about your mission. You walk away with three goals to accomplish for moving your mission forward along with the steps to follow. Click here to purchase a session for the introductory offer of $150. 

There was a time in 2013 when I trusted the word of someone saying they were in for $5000. These dollars were counted in the total until the confirmation eventually came, through repeated calls and follow-up, that it just wasn’t going to happen! Ugh! The news was disappointing and it changed a number of outlooks. It was something I couldn’t let happen again even though I’m a firm believer in optimism and trusting people’s word.

Follow up for when someone says the “check is in the mail” goes something like this:

  • Send a message to the person thanking them for the check, which is due to arrive. This will prompt them to remember if they forgot!
  • After 10 days – call to let them know their check has not arrived. Make sure you check all avenues before calling to make sure someone else didn’t receive it and deposit the money into the bank account. This call is to protect the sender if they’ve sent the check and now it is lost. You can also mention other types of payment options if you have them. This makes sending money faster and easier!
  • After another 10 days, if the check hasn’t arrived – this is usually a good sign that something has gone awry. Depending on communication, you could ask someone who knows this person if everything is okay? This is certainly not permission to share with anyone else the fact they committed to sending a check to you and they haven’t. Sending a note at this point, letting them know you haven’t received the check and letting them know you will notify them when it comes in, is an option.
  • As time goes on it’s okay to slack off on communication. You may choose to let them make the next move.

In the end the goal is to get the money in the bank. It may be beneficial to send an invoice, giving people options for payment. When direct deposit is an option, the bank or accounting person within your organization can inform you in a timely manner of deposits being made.

Good luck with making it REALLY happen!

Stretch to raise money!

Imagine lifting your arms and reaching toward the sky. It feels so good to stretch. The same is true when you expand your circle of influence and bring new people in to learn about you.

Talk Less and Listen More

The more you learn about someone the more ways you can find to “overlap.” Listening gives us the opportunity to discover what’s meaningful to someone else. The more people we are able to listen to, the more opportunities we have to expand our circle. Receive tips via email for mastering this – click here!

Do What You Say

Following up in meaningful ways allows people to know, like and trust you. You listen and record what you hear. People gradually open up to doing business with you when they recognize your interest in them.

Choose Your Battles

A fight, which serves a higher purpose than yourself is worth consideration. People want to know you value a larger picture. Some people fight for what they believe in – just know there’s a time and place. Will the fight make a better situation for others in the end or is it all about you? Another thought to ponder – is the fight worth the aggravation it brings into your life or can you go about resolving it in a different way?

Be Present

When people make time for you, make time for them. You’re in a meeting and now you’re worried about your next meeting, your email, or phone messages. This is not the time. If you’re worried about missing an appointment set an alarm. If, for some reason, you do have to be available for a call – let the person you’re meeting with know that and then put your phone aside until it rings.

Continue To Grow

Welcome opportunities to learn. People like knowing the person they are associated with is educated and conscious of improving.

Good luck as you stretch for today. May you find the right people to assist your mission.

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