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Timely Investments for Raising Money

Timely Investments:

  • 7 to 12 months before fundraiser
  • 6 to 1 month before fundraiser
  • 1 month to the day of fundraiser

History proves a professional fundraiser raises, on average, 41% more money for an organization, when a successful fundraising system is put into place. It means, if you raised $50,000 last year you’re going to raise $70,500 this year.

The simple formula is – take the dollar amount you raised last year and multiply by .41 and then, add the number you get to your original number. For example: You raised $90,000 last year. $90,000 times .41 is $36,900. Add $90,000 and $36,900 together and you get the magic number of $126,900.

There are systems out there, no doubt, which will encourage you to do things outside your comfort zone. How about sticking to what’s natural?

SOAR’s system has proven to increase dollars raised by 126% within 4 months and 371% within 16 months by highlighting people’s gifts. This means participating organizations must be diligent and open-minded about following a system and sharing the things they’re good at with others.

Timeline prior to a fundraising event:

  • 7 to 12 months before fundraiser – This is when you are spreading the word about your organization because you’re hosting networking events. HOW you do this is important.
  • 6 to 1 month before fundraiser – This is when you change to every other month for networking events, and spend time with a core group of people who are instrumental in achieving your success.
  • 1 month to the day of fundraiser – This is the month when you are looking past the fundraiser and what happens afterwards.

SOAR works with corporations and non-profits to put together Collaborative Networking Events.

SOAR is…here!

Timely investments are HOW you spend your time. The value of follow up…PRICELESS


YOUR Way to Raising More Money!

We are all inclined to learn from the success of others and that’s good! Although, what we often overlook is the knowledge we have within ourselves and in the end, that’s what makes the most difference.

SEE YOUR WAY is a powerful statement. How often do you sit back and see the ways you can impact your program in a productive way? Yes, there are systems organizations follow to raise money. There are teams focusing on the mechanics and when the program is well-oiled success is achievable by sheer willpower.

Again I ask – what ways can you, alone, impact the program? This is when you look at the skills you possess AND the NATURAL abilities you were born with. Sometimes, skill and natural ability are one in the same. Sometimes, they are not the same at all!

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do people like about you?
  3. Where are you most-comfortable?

There is an exercise you are encouraged to do with an acquaintance. When raising money we approach people we do not know very well. We may think we do but really, we know what they share with us. An acquaintance sees you from the perspective of what you’ve sharing. A true friend is not recommended for this exercise because they are “in the know” if that makes sense. They have TMI – too much information – to be objective.


  • Ask someone you’ve been talking with if they are willing to sit down with you for a brief meeting. This could be done over coffee/tea. 45 minutes is a good time frame.
  • Let the person know you want to see if you’re really portraying who you are with the people you meet. Mention it could be two-way and you are also willing to share your perspective for them. It’s a new twist on marketing “self.”
  • During the meeting, discuss topics around the three questions above. You can ask things like: Do you know what I’m passionate about? Why did we continue to talk after our initial introduction – is there something about my work that interests you? Are there areas about my work where I can be more clear? What do you feel my strengths are? Do you have suggestions on where I can better market myself and the work I do?

Make sure the conversation is two way and if the person wants to also hear your answers to the questions about themselves, you provide that opportunity.

As we think about ways we can be more productive in raising more money by increasing market share there is a very large personal component. SEE YOUR WAY of making things happen because it is integral to being successful.

networkingeventadvocatesSOAR offers programs to help you achieve your goal in raising money. If you are not seeing what you want via the website, please send an email to

We are happy to share with you the ways people are finding success through our self-study courses and 1:1 networking meetings.

Learn more about SOAR’s programs here! 


Strategic Networking & Friend-raising

SOAR’s system, which you have an opportunity to learn, has increased dollars raised for organizations by more than 100%. The program has developed over the last twelve years. Watch the free video and learn “WHY it works” 

  1. Works in any community where people communicate
  2. Works for non-profit and for-profit businesses alike
  3. Organizations gain a team member (SOAR professional) who has historically won at raising money 

SOAR has FREE Webinar Sessions and Groups of Webinars for $129. This is your opportunity to go through a self-study course and take what you learn to achieve your financial success.

1.) Getting Started (Webinar Group I) $129:

  • SOAR Webinar Series
    • SOAR Relationship Development and Management
    • Networking
    • Advocate Program
    • Migrating into your organization
  • Migration – THE Fundraiser

You receive:

  • An opportunity to join the mastermind discussions each month. This is with other fundraising professionals around the country who are sharing ideas!
  • Downloadable book – SOAR with Network Fundraising
  • Recording of the session so you can review anytime
  • Templates and other information provided to guarantee success
  • Follow-up call with a SOAR coach to make sure everything you learned is clear and understandable! This is when you can ask questions in relation to fitting the program into your mission.
  • Details about doing a Migration! This is a fundraiser based on strategic networking. A migration is literally an event, which takes you from an area of low resources to an area of high resources. It’s unlike anything you’ve learned before!!

Click this link to purchase Group I – Getting Started

2.) Advanced Programs (Webinar Group II) $129

  • Building Networks for Raising Money
  • Advocates for SOAR
  • V formation for SOAR
  • Networking Events for SOAR
  • Collaborative Networking Events for SOAR

Group II takes a deeper dive into the functional process of increasing market share and raising money through NEW systems. There are five sessions ranging from 13 – 23 minutes each.

You receive:

  • Downloadable book – SOAR with Network Fundraising
  • Recording of the session so you can review anytime

Click this link to purchase Group II – Advanced Programs

3.) FREE Sessions

SOAR offers audits of fundraising systems and year-long development programs.

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14046121_10204846371117808_4669610499791876103_n-1Gayle Gross is the founder of SOAR with Network Fundraising and facilitates the SOAR Webinar Series. She developed the role for increasing market share within a bank and carried that over into raising more money for non-profits. Now, she shares her learnings with you so you can also achieve success through the use of simple practical steps for strategic networking!

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Jingle-free January for teams raising money!

Jingle-free January! Sign up here: A professional fundraiser meets with your team via phone, hears about your fundraising program, and gives insight to what other organizations in your market are doing to raise money.


We encourage TEAM participation because it’s where the best brainstorming happens. And, getting things accomplished requires buy-in and this happens best when people provide part of the plan.


Mastermind with People Raising Money

This is an opportunity to mix n’ mingle via phone with other people currently raising money. We will discuss crowdfunding on December 12 and how it relates to creating sustainable dollars. Register here!

The best way to learn is through experience and asking questions for clarity. We look forward to learning from you!



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