Education Credits

Add up the credits you’ve already earned:

We have a volunteer program (7+ volunteers)2
We host an annual volunteer appreciation event3
We have volunteer job descriptions and we distribute them5
We have a volunteer training program5
We have a system for tracking volunteer hours8
We have a social media presence (2+ networks)8
We schedule regular posts on social media (3+/week)10
We have regular events scheduled for fundraising 10
We have a fundraising plan10

Earn more credits:

Talk to 3 people you meet today about your organization’s mission8
Invite someone to visit your organization for a tour of services; schedule the date8
Call a major donor to say hi; keep the call short; don’t ask for a donation8

Participate in SOAR’s Leader Program = 950 Credits

Add the credits you’ve already earned and subtract them when purchasing credits to begin the program. The year-long program includes:

600 minutes of 1:1 coaching for your fundraising program with SOAR’s Founder, Gayle Gross. Monthly training webinars are included. Coaching happens during bi-weekly phone/video calls. Online training includes:

  1. Building Networks for Raising Money
  2. Developing an Advocate Program
  3. Growing your V-formation (volunteer program) to Increase Awareness
  4. Impactful Collaborative Networking Events
  5. SOAR – the Acronym for Developing and Maintaining Relationships for Fundraising
  6. Networking Events – Putting Together the Right Event to Grow Market Share
  7. Deepening your Volunteer Program
  8. Migrating into a New Fundraiser
  9. Donor Inclusion to Enhance the Endgame
  10. Nonprofit Cooperative Opportunities
  11. Becoming the Expert
  12. Managing the Fundraising Process

Email or call 1-719-233-9902 with questions.

Not ready for a year-long commitment? There’s a three month trial.

Develop key components for your very own V-formation (volunteer program). You receive online training and a coach committed to bi-weekly calls for three months. We build your network of volunteers and train them so they are helping to lift people up – sharing your message, offering opportunities for people to be involved in your program and then giving back in meaningful ways.


Email or call 1-719-233-9902 with questions.

Other SOAR Programs:

“Nonprofit Cooperative” is a cause marketing campaign

A business (nonprofit or for-profit) brings this project to their community. Training and coaching to implement this program are provided by SOAR’s Founder, Gayle Gross, for 1 year. Small communities (county population under 30,000) or micro-communities (a smaller area within a larger city) put together nonprofit cooperatives to enhance success through collaborations. The pilot program in Colorado, within one year, had 28 nonprofits working together for the better good of the community. Three Collaborative Fundraisers were planned in order to help fifteen nonprofits raise funds.


Businesses Benefit

Cause marketing enhances your community presence – cost for one year of development training and coaching is $1500. ($1200 for a year of coaching and $300 for materials)