Leaders Program

950 Credits


  • 600 minutes of 1:1 coaching on raising money/growing market share
  • Individual and group training
  • Digital guide – steps for increasing dollars by 126% in 4 months
  • Direct line to call for immediate feedback
  • Facebook tools/social media coaching
  • Monthly Tips
  • Regular progress reports to share with the board of directors

Online Trainings (webinars)

  1. Building Networks for Raising Money – Tools are provided, which help an organization grow their market share, which in turn raises more money. Proven methods are established and shared.
  2. Developing an Advocate ProgramAdvocates are people who help you share your mission, stand beside your cause, and become part of your mastermind group.
  3. Growing your V-formation (volunteer program) to Increase Awareness – A leader for your mission brings everything to greatness. Be the coach for Advocates and lead them to success.
  4. Impactful Collaborative Networking Events – A strategic opportunity for working together with other businesses is shared during this session.
  5. SOAR – the Acronym for Developing and Maintaining Relationships for Fundraising – SOAR is explained and examples are shared to assist you in growing your fundraising program.
  6. Networking Events – Putting Together the Right Event to Grow Market Share – There are simple and easy ways to create success in your program when you partner information with networking. Learn how!
  7. Deepening your Volunteer Program – How you give back in your fundraising program matters. This training is geared toward creating opportunities.
  8. Migrating into a New Fundraiser – A fundraiser is described and you’re taken through the process of implementation, step by step. This is NEW!
  9. Donor Inclusion to Enhance the Endgame – Including donors into your program is key to accomplishing the best possible result. Strategic plans are introduced and a working plan discussed.
  10. Nonprofit Cooperative Opportunities – How you work with others in the community (nonprofit and corporations) comes together in this session. Collaborative opportunities discussed.
  11. Becoming the Expert – A reflection from a trainer and fundraising professional to show you how to become the expert in your field.
  12. Managing the Fundraising Process – Project development, start to finish, in order to maintain your momentum and to achieve the desired results.

Monthly Call Format, which is focused on your program

Twelve 50-minute calls follow a format similar to what’s below. The format is adjusted to accomplish your specific goals.

  • Sharing – what’s going well?
  • Goals discussed and ideas shared
  • Training as it relates to an organization’s mission
  • Setting goals for the next month to further the mission
  • Next coaching session determined

Schedule a call or send an email to iwantto@soarwithnetworkfundraising.org


Gayle Gross is the Founder and CEO of SOAR. networkingeventadvocatesShe’s the author of SOAR with Network Fundraising, the self-help guide an individual can use to learn a proven network fundraising system. Gross is always going to show a person the way to fly naturally based on the resources they have available. There’s no if, and, or but about it. Everyone has the ability to SOAR. Sometimes, a person just needs the updraft from someone willing to take the lead. Gross never fails to add the “gayle-force” wind when helping people lift off. Let’s begin the countdown…