Cause Marketing Works!

Step one: Decide you want to make a big difference, grow market share, and become known as the person in the community who knows where to find answers. It’s about marketing for your business, work, or organization. Maybe, it is all three! You’ll learn how to coordinate the Nonprofit Cooperative in your community, which gets you in front of people and taps you into an area where people care.

SOAR opens doors for a new business owner or an established organization looking to expand their market. It’s cause marketing at its best. An opportunity to increase dollars through the Nonprofit Cooperative.

SOAR trains you and provides the following:

  • A personal guarantee – you are the only person being trained by SOAR in your county to implement the cooperative
  • Backs the program with 100% positive results for growing market share
  • Introduces a philanthropic tool (cause marketing) to market a business
  • Stands alongside a person to grow their market and achieve success through the implementation of a cause marketing campaign
  • Shares an opportunity to create social impact
  • Guides a person to establish their role as the “Community Connector” in their town
  • Helps to create the spotlight for prominence in a community
  • Monthly progress reports
  • Sharing of something bigger than self for everyone in the community to model

Step two: You choose to participate and make a payment of $15 for a first call (15 minutes) to discuss how the program looks in your community. You learn how the Nonprofit Cooperative becomes self-funded and how there’s not a huge investment of funds to get it started.

Training on how to develop a Nonprofit Cooperative begins with:

  • Establishing communications within your community
  • Putting together an effective growth plan
  • Setting a schedule

Why a Nonprofit Cooperative?

Small communities (population under 30,000) have put together nonprofit cooperatives to enhance individual success through group success. It’s the philosophy of giving back in order to move forward. Gayle Gross, founder and CEO of SOAR with Network Fundraising, lives by this philosophy. She gives nonprofits in small communities an opportunity to create their own success by developing a cooperative program. This program is usually spearheaded by a business to create social impact and become the “community connector.”

Benefits of a Nonprofit cooperative

The Nonprofit Cooperative relieves donor fatigue. People get tired of being asked over and over again for money. This happens a lot in small communities. It’s where the ratio of nonprofits to potential donors is really magnified. It is quickly apparent, the Nonprofit Cooperative lessens burnout for fundraising professionals. There’s an immediate support system among peers, nonprofit events cease to overlap, and people in the community begin to see the benefit of their unity. Organizations gain credibility. Marketing is often done together and this helps to reduce costs.

Who benefits most in a community?


  • For-profit businesses have the opportunity to spearhead the program and they get in touch with nonprofits in the community. All nonprofits have their network of followers. The for-profit also becomes the “community connector” in their area, which is a powerful marketing tool
  • Nonprofits learn how to collaborate effectively to increase their bottom line. There’s greater awareness and opportunities
  • The community is relieved of donor fatigue

Teller County Colorado was the Pilot program

  • 70% of nonprofits expressed interest within the first month
  • City Government representated at the first meeting, ongoing attendance
  • Every meeting with 15 – 20 nonprofit participants
  • Large foundations represented by third meeting, ongoing attendance
  • A collaborative effort for event planning developed by fourth meeting
  • Collaborative marketing discussed at meeting #5, along with defining the Nonprofit Cooperative
  • Within three months the platform nearly ran itself – in the end, it does!

Why listen to SOAR’s Founder and get involved?

Why listen to Gayle? It’s in your best interest if you want to grow market share and make money. There’s proven success 100% of the time. It pays to know where your money is going and if it will have the most impact. Follow her plan and it is guaranteed to grow beyond your expectations. Learn more!

Ready? Make a payment of $15 for a first call (15 minutes) to discuss how the program looks for your community. It is determined during this call to be a good fit or not.

what does it cost for setting up the nonprofit cooperative?

$15 or the initial call to discuss specifics.

$1200 for a year of coaching through the start of the Cooperative plus $300 for materials.

A person is encouraged to maintain the program with SOAR’s guidance for at least three years after the initial startup. 3 training calls per year are included along with any documents, which are updated. The fee is $300 per year for maintenance. This fee is subject to change. You can lock in the price when you pay $2400 upfront ($1200 for year one + $300 material fee + $300 year two maintenance + $300 year three maintenance + $300 year four maintenance).