Developing Volunteers/Partnerships

450 Credits

Develop your very own V-formation (volunteer/partner program) with SOAR. Receive online training and a coach committed to weekly calls for three months. The goal is to build your network of volunteers/partners and train them so they  are helping you SOAR – sharing your message and offering opportunities for people to be involved in your program.

  • 110 minutes of scheduled call time per month
  • Goal determined and success achieved
  • Growing your volunteer base to meet your goals

450 Credits – earn credits now using the following chart:

We have a volunteer program (7+ volunteers)2
We host an annual volunteer appreciation event3
We have volunteer job descriptions and we distribute them5
We have a volunteer training program5
We have a system for tracking volunteer hours8
We have a social media presence (2+ networks)8
We schedule regular posts on social media (3+/week)10
We have regular events scheduled for fundraising 10
We have developed a fundraising plan10

Would you like to earn more credits? Try this for 24 additional credits:

Talk to 3 people you meet today about your organization’s mission8
Invite someone to visit your organization for a tour of services; schedule the date8
Call a major donor to say hi; keep the call short; don’t ask for a donation8

how many credits do you have now? you can buy credits for 75 cents a piece to get the 450 credits needed for this program:


You can schedule an assessment call firstclick here to schedule and pay $15. An assessment gives you insight on your current fundraising program and how well it is working.

Volunteers help to share your message.