Development Plans & Migrations

Development plans require coordination specific to an organization’s goals and resources. There are two ways to proceed. 1.) Developing the basics for your plan Click HERE. 

2.) Get professional help for coordination of your plan. Schedule a FREE consulting call to see if there’s a good fit between SOAR and your organization (15 minutes).

Migration! This is a new fundraiser to SOAR with. It’s probably not something other organizations are doing in your community. Schedule a FREE call to learn more about establishing a networking event guaranteed to impact outreach and awareness in your community while you raise money! Let’s chat – see SOAR’s calendar to schedule time!

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Gayle Gross is the founder and CEO of SOAR with Network Fundraising. SOAR’s program first developed to increase market share for a bank. It increased the number of accounts to an acceptable level within the first year. This rolled over into the non-profit sector and increased fundraising 126% in four months and 371% in sixteen months. Now, the founder shares the system so others can also achieve success through the use of simple practical steps, which include strategic networking! 

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