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An expert in the field of fundraising, increasing market share, relationship and business development, Gayle Gross has trained people across the United States on strategic networking since 2006.

Gayle Gross is the founder and CEO of SOAR with Network Fundraising. She facilitates all trainings and works closely with the leaders developing outreach programs within communities.

Accolades since April 2013:

  • Trainer for Colorado Nonprofits Round Table Discussion
  • “Teller Gives Back” Newspaper Column Facilitator for Nonprofits
  • is a Nonprofit Events Page for Teller County
  • Nonprofit Cooperatives – Cause Marketing Campaigns
  • “SOAR with Network Fundraising” – Author and Developer of Proven Fundraising System
  • Center for Nonprofit Excellence and Association of Fundraising Professionals of Southern Colorado – Member and Trainer
  • Greater Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce – Member
  • Fundraising Coach (Dollars increased for everyone, on average, by 41%)

Additional information about Gayle Gross can be found here.

Gross coaches nonprofits to success by giving back. She keeps the cost reasonable for her services and then goes above and beyond what her clients expect. A nonprofit receives a discount, up to $64, on any service. This makes the choice of four services absolutely free! See the page on Fundraising & Education Credits to learn more.

Gross is the Founder and CEO of SOAR with Network Fundraising but she’s also an author, artist, and mother. Her two grown sons share her entrepreneurial spirit with day trading and Gross Trucking.

Gayle Gross owns 10 Day Book Club, an interactive manuscript development program for authors. She spends time traveling while she’s working, “Loves Sitting for Dogs,” her pet/house sitting business. Gross is also a member of Gallery 113 in Colorado Springs where she is also the bookkeeper. She shares her art in the gallery and also at

“Marketing Your Nonprofit,” “Developing a Volunteer Program – the V-formation,” and “Donor Inclusion” are common themes for breakout sessions during conferences where Gayle presents. “Building Your Network to Increase Market Share and Raise Money” is when she takes the stage to talk about the relationship development program she’s written about, which includes Networking Events, Collaborative Networking Events, and Developing the V-formation (volunteer program) to increase market share and raise money.

Organizations see their markets and services increase through the skills they learn with SOAR, which they then teach to their volunteers. Peer to peer fundraising and productive social impact campaigns within communities are specialties many organizations choose to explores

She’s established a cooperative network of nonprofit organizations in the communities where she works. This helps to grow social impact for the organizations participating. The Nonprofit Cooperative develops in communities when there’s a progressive business, who wants to increase their potential for growth. A development professional, public relations person, Chamber of Commerce, or business strategist are often the people to spearhead the Nonprofit Cooperative. In the end, it’s about people working together to provide a better good for everyone around them.

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SOAR’s self-help guide is also available for purchase. It has the steps for developing a successful networking event, which assists in raising awareness about your organization. It also provides details for a new money making opportunity. This is the program developed to increase fundraising 126% in four months.   

$8.99 paperback/Kindle – purchase now through Amazon for $8.99 

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Coaching on fundraising with your team! Let’s grow your mission together.