SOAR’s Support

We pair you with peers. 

You increase the dollars your raise under the guidance of SOAR’s founder, Gayle Gross. She leads discussions and presents education on proven fundraising methods. You get assistance in finding YOUR successful way to raise money. 

1.) Join the program for two months and pay half the normal rate. Instead of $30 you pay $15. Click Here to get started. Email if there’s a problem with payment,

Upon completion of two months you have the option to continue services for $15/month.

What you receive each month:

  1. Webinar related to fundraising

“Building Networks,” SOAR’s most popular webinar, is shared immediately upon payment!

  1. Group Calls to support your fundraising endeavor
  2. Quick answers to fundraising questions (calls and email available)
  3. Fundraising Podcasts shared, which set the mindset for success
  4. Digital Guide – “SOAR with Network Fundraising” – all of the steps included for increasing the money you raise by 126% within four months
  5. Advanced fundraising groups available

2.) Facebook – check in here

3.) Monthly Newsletter – join here 

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SOAR’s Self-help Book is also available separately. It has the steps for developing a successful networking event, which assists in raising awareness about your organization. It also provides details for a new fundraiser called the Migration.  

Gayle Gross is the Founder and CEO of SOAR. Gayleat1MCups She’s an experienced presenter for the Center of Non-profit Excellence in combination with the Association of Fundraising Professionals of Southern Colorado. She implements collaborative networking events to increase market share and raise money for businesses and non-profits collectively. People she has worked with continue to see their markets and services increase even after she’s done coaching them. Peer to peer fundraising and productive social impact within communities are her specialties.