SOAR is…

A process for growing market share and raising money.


Proven metrics:

  • Increased market share to above 50% within one year.
  • Grew dollars raised by 371% within 16 months.
  • Increased fundraising by 126% within 4 months.
  • Tripled outreach within one month.

SOAR’s “Real Life or Virtual” Workshops help organizations create & grow social impact. Monthly with SOAR is a coaching program.

1.) Monthly with SOAR – $225

This is a program for people interested in taking one month at a time with a development coach to grow their program. You get the benefit of experience with success. Focus is on impacting society and increasing market share.

  • Open the lines of communication with key partners
  • Put parameters in place to achieve top goals
  • Increase the number of people your message reaches
  • Cultivate relationships to fulfillment (Collaborative Networking Events are discussed)

Purchase now for $225, which covers two 50-minute calls

Additional coaching programs are available beginning at $374 per month. Options are discussed upon request.

The deposit for the fundraising workshop in Colorado is $100. Learn more about this opportunity – click here! 

Gayle Gross is the founder and CEO of SOAR with Network Fundraising. SOAR’s program first developed to increase market share for a bank. It increased the number of accounts to an acceptable level within the first year. Networking opens doors and then it’s time to look beyond the simple connection to determine the deeper dive, which establishes opportunities for giving back. SOAR is a system people learn and implement to be more successful when growing their program.