About THE Fundraiser!

This has never been shared before. Grow your annual giving campaign doing something different. It is something everyone likes to do! Cost – $129!

  • You get a complete session dedicated to teaching you THE Fundraiser!
  • Opportunity to join the mastermind discussions. This is with other fundraising professionals around the country!
  • Downloadable book – SOAR with Network Fundraising
  • Recording of the session
  • A checklist for planning a Networking Activity for fundraising
  • A timeline for planning
  • Resource information for creating a successful event

THE Fundraiser – “MIGRATION” – is NEW! It resources strategies for growing business connections. You effectively raise money – which can be $100,000 or more – with one day of activities. It’s taking the concept of giving and turning it back on itself. “Easy and efficient use of time” is what people say about the program. Organizations are now implementing the program within thirty-two minutes, which is how long it takes to get the details during the Webinar session.

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The cost is only $129.

“Avoid competition when it comes to fundraising. Organizations have been doing the same-old events. This one raises money by bringing new people on board because they are attracted to the networking campaign.”

14046121_10204846371117808_4669610499791876103_n-1Gayle Gross is the founder of the Fundraising Migration. She’s an expert in the field of increasing market share for non-profit and for-profit organizations. She’s developed programs to increase fundraising by 126% within 4 months. She shares the secrets now, with you, to achieve your own success!

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