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Partner Education for Raising Money – It Adds Value!

This cost is only $189 and you receive 48% more value when you partner a SOAR Discovery Session with any Self-study Course for Raising Money!

SOAR Discovery Session – $150 purchased separately

  • The SOAR Discovery Session is a 50-minute discussion with a fundraising professional where you talk about strategic moves for achieving at least three of your goals. Click here to learn more!

Purchase links for partnering education:

  1. SOAR Webinar Series and SOAR Discovery Session for $189 
  2. Fundraising Migration and SOAR Discovery Session for $189
  3. Building Networks for Fundraising and SOAR Discovery Session for $189



Self-study Courses for Raising Money – $129 purchased separately

  • SOAR Webinar Series is your answer to increasing market share (fundraising) through a proven system. There are four sessions included with 150+ minutes of training on a system, which helps organizations increase fundraising.  Click here to learn more!
  • Fundraising Migration is your answer to raising more money. It is a successful fundraising plan ready for you to implement because it works in any community where there are people who communicate. It gives you an opportunity to begin a new fundraising tradition in your community! Avoid competition with the same-old events. This one, unveiled in 2017, raises money by bringing new people on board because they are attracted to your networking campaign. Click here to learn more!
  • Building Networks for Fundraising engages people in your program. It is a system only used by SOAR with Network Fundraising. You learn the tools for relationship development, which involves establishing personal outcomes to empower results.

Purchase links for individual services:


Benefits to buying any programs with SOAR!

  • They are guaranteed to increase the results of programs for raising money! These may be programs you’re already doing, or they may be new programs you choose to do because of the education you receive.
  • It has helped every organization who’s gotten involved! There are no down sides to the program. EVERYONE says it was THE thing, which made the biggest difference for them.
  • Everybody mentored by the founder of this fundraising system has, on average, increased dollars raised by 41%! The results have been amazing and it is why Gayle Gross shares the methods now.
  • People are successful at using the system in any community! This is a situation where one box fits all. The systems were built with knowledge of how markets react. It is geared to work in any community where people communicate.
  • The founder has faith, works with individuals to achieve success, and is motivated by helping others achieve their goals! 


14046121_10204846371117808_4669610499791876103_n-1Gayle Gross is the founder of SOAR with Network Fundraising. Her personal mission is to share intellectual knowledge for raising money. Why? She says, “It can be so simple and when people are successful in reaching goals, like raising money, they are happier. This means they are usually kinder, which makes the world a better place to be. I want to be among people who are happy! It’s that simple and most people want to have more money. I can help with that. SOAR with Network Fundraising improves the ability for people to be successful at reaching their goal.”