Fundraising Plan – $199

Develop a V-formation, grow your market share, and raise money! SOAR provides support on many levels for developing your systems for fundraising.

  • $800 per year creates the system where you become the leader of fundraising
  • $199 creates an initial fundraising plan (10 meeting interactive process)
  • $49 per month allows for an easy point of entry into the program (month to month)
  • $15

SOAR’s fundraising plans have increased dollars raised by 371% within 16 months! Start with an initial plan. Think through the next year and what it looks like to achieve the success you want in order to grow your program into the future.

Developing your Fundraising Plan

Here is a list of items accomplished with SOAR’s 10 meeting program:

  • Goal (short and long term)
  • Resources Determined
  • Resource Development
  • Layout and Logistics
  • Implementation Plan

How it works

  • An online interactive program is set up specifically for your organization to develop your fundraising plan
  • Key stakeholders are invited to participate in the process
  • Any current plans for the organization are shared among the group of participants
  • Meeting #1 is scheduled 
  • There are ten meetings in total for the group of participants

Meeting #1

  • Determine goals (short and long term) for the organization, prioritize
  • Discuss roles for people participating in the plan’s development (2 – 3 participants is perfect)
  • Set up ongoing meetings

Meeting #2

  • Resource discovery and next steps

Meeting #3

  • Development of resources, steps established for moving forward

Meeting #4

  • Expand the stakes to further potential 

Meeting #5

  • Expansion detailed and explored

Meeting #6

  • Field of focus narrowed

Meeting #7

  • Systems pinpointed and laid out

Meeting #8

  • Logistics and timeline finalized

Meeting #9

  • Final adjustments to plan’s draft

Meeting #10

  • Review final plan

schedule a call to discuss your program – $15 for 15 minutes with SOAR’s Founder. 

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Gayle Gross is the founder and CEO of SOAR with Network Fundraising. She facilitates the SOAR webinars. It all started when she developed a role for increasing market share within a bank and carried that over into raising more money for non-profits. Now, she shares her learnings with you so you can also achieve success through the use of simple practical steps for strategic networking! 

Get the Book!

SOAR’s self-help guide is also available for purchase. It has the steps for developing a successful networking event, which assists in raising awareness about your organization. It also provides details for a new money making opportunity. This is the program developed to increase fundraising 126% in four months.