SOAR Discovery Session

I just signed up for a SOAR Discovery Session! What should I expect now? A big high five! You’re going to learn so much about your program and where you can make tweaks to improve the amount of dollars you raise!! This is good news for your organization.


You’ll receive an email with a list of items to prepare prior to your call with Gayle. The email includes a phone number for calling with specific questions if you’d like. You added your phone number into the appointment time slot and Gayle will call that number directly at the time you selected. You can also email questions to


I am thinking about signing up for a SOAR Discovery Session. Can you tell me more about it? Yes!! Many times a non-profit does not recognize the gaps in their fundraising program. You have an opportunity to talk directly with Gayle about yours. She has helped organizations increase their donations up to 50% through a simple review and sharing of ideas.

The SOAR Discovery Session is 50-minutes long and for a limited time is $150. The retail value is $189.

Would you like to check Gayle’s calendar and set up a SOAR Discovery Call? Click here!