Comparison Test for Raising Money. How do your methods stand up against others?

It’s time to COMPARE your fundraising program if you’re willing. By going through the process you get a good feel for how your program is working compared to what others are doing. There may be small tweaks worth making to get better results. Would you agree?

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BE AGREEABLE – this graphic was just used in another article and therefore, was fresh on top of photos to add here! Certainly we hope you’ll agree that it’s good to make comparisons. It can only improve results through what you learn.

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Secret of $$$ Success!

Trying to get your program off the ground for raising money can make you feel trapped.

  • Like you can’t escape all of the moving parts
  • Like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting very far
  • Like your personal and family life suffers as a result

You want to take things to the next level, but you’re simply BURNT OUT. You’ve barely got the time and energy it takes to figure everything out…

Sound familiar?

What if you learned there was a way to escape this feeling? Or even skip the burnout altogether?

Here are a few ways you can do that…
#1 Get the proper systems in place ASAP,
#2 Learn how to attract a whole lot of the RIGHT people, and
#3 Have the right mindset and confidence to ask for what you want.

You may be thinking, this is all sounds easier said than done – however, it really doesn’t have to be that complicated…

And that’s where we come in:

To see how we can help give you direction and confidence for raising money so you can ACCELERATE this entire process (like we’ve done for so many others), just schedule your complimentary breakthrough strategy call with us below:

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SOAR with Network Fundraising

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Get Ahead – Learn THE Fundraiser Making People Talk!

A Fundraising Migration is a fundraiser people are just discovering but the founder of SOAR has been implementing the concept for more than twelve years. It resources strategies for growing business connections. Organizations are now implementing the program within thirty minutes, which is how long it takes to get the details during the webinar session.


Avoid competition with the same-old events. This one, unveiled in 2017, raises money by bringing new people on board because they are attracted to the networking campaign, which gives back!

14046121_10204846371117808_4669610499791876103_n-1Gayle Gross is the founder of the Fundraising Migration. She’s an expert in the field of increasing market share for non-profit and for-profit organizations. She’s developed programs to increase fundraising by 126% within 4 months. She shares the secrets to achieve your own success!


Business Start-Up Tips Help To Raise Money

Make sure your effort to raise money is top notch! How business rolls off your tongue is key to its success. People are always going to ask you what you do for a living. There used to be a time when asking people their profession was a bit invasive. This is not the case anymore. What’s your GOOD answer, your three line statement that’s going to get a person to say “wow!” and want to know more?

Raise money – tips:

  • Offer people what they want to buy! This is done in the wording. People invest because of what something does for them – it could be a physical benefit or feeling.
  • Get cash flow going ASAP because this will help in growing more cash flow! There are a number of reasons why this happens – confidence, ability to put more into the bottom line, and investing in the future.
  • Be frugal and find ways to keep costs low. It’s worth the investment to research options before purchasing. The best solutions are often slightly used equipment, which keeps your overhead low.
  • Always overestimate expenses and underestimate revenue. Doing your due diligence can help when estimating – just lean on the side of caution.
  • Focus on finding the best way to enter the market. This is considered lead generation. How are you going to reach the right people for your product/services. The same is true for raising money for a non-profit. How do you get in front of the right people? The SOAR Webinar Series can help – get more info!
  • Test – test – test and be ready to course-correct.
  • Maintain education as everything changes so quickly. This will put you ahead of the curve.
  • Instead of discounting – add value! This is done in the way you word something. For SOAR with Networking Fundraising we say you’re paying 90 cents for $1.33 worth of service. It’s an added value of 43 cents! This is the Offer!
  • Get a coach! Love this. A coach is outside the business model and sees things from a different perspective. They hold individuals accountable. When you’re beginning a new project – get a coach who has knowledge and success in what you’re doing! A SOAR Discovery Session is the first step with coaching for SOAR with Network Fundraising. It is a 50-minute call and costs $150.

Always available to answer questions at

Gayle Gross worked with a start-up for mobile payment processes. She managed the deplo14046121_10204846371117808_4669610499791876103_n-1yment of the program within banks, which was cutting edge prior to mobile payment services we use today. She is a published author of a fund raising system which has helped organizations increase fundraising up to 126%!! She gained experience in developing business practices, which included marketing via social media. She has helped businesses increase market share through creative networking techniques. She mentors fundraising professionals as well as people interested in expanding their current market. 

Stay Front and Center For Raising Money!

How fast are things changing in your industry right now? Change happens all of the time, this is true, although right now it appears to be happening at a much faster rate. What does this mean? In general, people are catching up to you if you’re not moving forward with new processes.

Tips for keeping momentum:

  • Discover what’s working and tap into it
  • Be educated on the trends
  • Stay aware of your position in the market

SOAR With Network Fundraising has a mentor program, which is $150 per month when you sign up for one year. You receive:

  • 50-minute strategic call with your fundraising coach/mentor each month
  • Individual goals determined with planned steps for achieving success
  • Templates and materials for building networks – the basis for growing market share
  • Training for marketing through social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc…)
  • A custom-made program, which you build together!

Would you agree that there’s only so much money to go around when people are asking for it? There are more than 1.5 million non-profits in the United States ( In 2014, there were over 400,000 new businesses opening their doors (

SOAR with Network Fundraising mentors people for achieving success. Are you looking to be recognized as a leader? You can begin in one of two ways:

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When you purchase the SOAR Mentor Program it begins with a Discovery Session – $150. Prior to this first call you receive a questionnaire to complete. This allows the call to focus strictly on your program.

Jumping ahead takes a strategic plan. Spending your time in the right areas is key OR you’ll fall behind. Ensure you’re in the right spot by having a mentor for growing market share. Taking care of you means taking care of business. 


When Fundraising Leaders Have Good Qualities Their Programs SOAR to New Heights

What it takes to be a true Leader, the one people choose to follow, is described in a book by Napoleon Hill. I would agree that a good Leader has the following traits. How do you stand next to this list?

  1. Unwavering courage based upon knowledge of self
  2. Self-control – a person who cannot control themselves cannot persuade others
  3. Keen sense of justice and fairness
  4. Sure of decisions
  5. A planner who works his plan
  6. Does more than what he or she is paid for
  7. Pleasing personality
  8. Sympathetic and understanding, knowing of their follower’s problems
  9. Master of details
  10. Willing to accept full responsibility
  11. Apply cooperative effort and induce followers to do the same

SOAR with Network Fundraising is based on Leaders being people of honor because they respect and appreciate the people helping them to raise money. Many times I’ve heard fundraisers say they have volunteers who do not participate. They do not do what they said they would. Take a look at #1 through #11 and if you can say, with sincere honesty, you are performing at 100%, then you have attracted the wrong person for some reason. It is time to have a discussion with them to find out what their motivation is, and politely thank them for their services if they are not inspired by your mission to do more.

There may be an item or two on the list, which you feel you can improve upon. Fantastic! Recognizing areas of development is always a step in the right direction. Everyday there are new lessons to teach and to learn. Life is ever-changing. Goals and missions course-correct. A good leader is willing to accept responsibility (#10) all of the time and this includes self (#1).

“The man who makes these (eleven factors) the basis of his leadership will find abundant opportunity to lead in any walk of life.” Napoleon Hill, Think And Grow Rich

A good leader attracts, and in the end flies to great heights in a V formation. Think of birds flying in a flock. They work together to soar. The networking arms of people do the same thing.

Good luck to you!