Raising Money? A Result of Good Choices.

You have choices to make. You weigh the options while educating yourself. You make a choice. This is an ideal scenario but it's not always the way it goes. A corporation growing market share (AKA raising money) often limits their options to what they've always done and then expects different results. You've probably heard a … Continue reading Raising Money? A Result of Good Choices.

Value of Follow up – PRICELESS

People who follow up in a timely manner achieve greater success. It's a bold statement. Do you agree? Take a look at someone who is doing well in growing their future. They share their message and then what? OFFER opportunities to be involved. It's the "O" in SOAR. First, you share your message and then … Continue reading Value of Follow up – PRICELESS

Understanding Corporate Giving

By Gayle Gross Companies are more cautious about revealing too much about their philanthropic activities, for fear of: being inundated with requests they cannot fill. raising the expectations of potential beneficiaries in a good year. angering shareholders who may perceive the company's charitable activity as giving away profits, or who don’t approve of the organizations … Continue reading Understanding Corporate Giving

Building Networks to Raise Money is Looking Beyond the Simple Connection

Increasing market share naturally happens when relationships are established and then cultivated to be effective, as well as, sustainable. Networking opens doors and then it's time to look beyond the simple connection to determine the deeper dive, which establishes opportunities for giving back. SOAR is a system anyone can learn and implement to be more … Continue reading Building Networks to Raise Money is Looking Beyond the Simple Connection

Need Help Raising Money? Do a Monthly!

A monthly...what is that? It's a no-long-term commitment month of time where you get what you need to raise more money because WE'VE been in your shoes for a very long time. We've heard: "Double gifts within the next six months." (Double $23,000, oh my...) "Raise $7000 within the next two months." (There's nothing in … Continue reading Need Help Raising Money? Do a Monthly!

Crossing the Gap of Fundraising

Answers to the following questions are your framework for crossing the gap: How do you educate people about your organization? What action steps do you have in place already? Where do you position yourself in the market? How do you plan to achieve your fundraising goal? Refer to your fundraising plan. We began working with … Continue reading Crossing the Gap of Fundraising

8 Steps for Building Networks to Raise Money

1.) Collaborative Networking Events are the key! This is when you partner a business, nonprofit, sponsor and attendees. The business and the sponsor may be one in the same. Business - provides location Sponsor - pays for event amenities (food, etc) Non-profit - featured during presentation Attendees come to NETWORK and will see the presentation … Continue reading 8 Steps for Building Networks to Raise Money