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Charity Sales in 2021

Local nonprofits (serving people in Teller County, Colorado) have the opportunity to participate in Charity Sales with SOAR in 2021. The Charity Sales are done virtually and the sales last for 1 month. Items are sold individually first and then there’s a “sale date” at the end of the month. As a nonprofit, you can sign up for one of the remaining spaces for 2021. This is the first and only year the Charity Sales are independent and not combined with another program SOAR offers.

On average, nonprofits earn 7% on their short term investment. Being a nonprofit in a Charity Sale begins with a cost of $125. After the sale, and when the sale makes more than $1250, the nonprofit pays another $125 to SOAR.

Sale items for the Charity Sale are collected by SOAR and stored. The cost a nonprofit pays helps to cover the cost of monthly storage fees. The sales benefit nonprofits. One item in a recent sale sold for $325 and the payment was made on that nonprofit’s donation website. You can see how easy it is to make money without having to lift a finger. SOAR takes care of everything by marketing through social media and other networks. A charity sale normally has, on average, 60 items for sale.

SOAR offers this program as a way for residents to give back to local nonprofits. Sometimes, a person is downsizing their home and they have a bedroom set they’d like to give away. A Charity Sale is the perfect solution! Your item(s) goes to a good home and the dollars raised, all of the dollars raised in a Charity Sale, goes to the participating nonprofit.

If you’d like to learn more – email iwantto@soarwithnetworkfundraising.org or text one word – charitysale – to (833) 763-0494