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Networking Events + Advocates = Raising More Money!

What is a networking event?

Two presentations plus a mix n’ mingle, which happen on one day!

Who are advocates?

People who agree to tell people about your business and invite them to your networking events.

How much more money can we raise?

This depends on how organized your presentations are, how well your advocates promote your networking events, and the methods you use to cultivate the relationships. This works for businesses as well as non-profits.

SOAR with Network Fundraising has an Internet self-study course called the SOAR Webinar Series. This teaches the basics for success with using this system. SOAR also has 1:1 coaching opportunities to help you follow the system, which guarantees you’re getting the best opportunity for success. In the past – organizations have increased 126% to 169% within six months of coaching. We are talking about raising more than $50,000 in these instances.


SOAR helps organizations build their networks for continuous success. It’s a sustainable system!

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Learn Award Winning Methods for Fundraising!

SOAR’s Training Webinars are Self-Study Courses for Increasing Market Share to Exceed ALL Previous Fundraising Goals! The tools in these courses are helping non-profits raise more money than they’ve ever done before. Can you afford not to learn something new? What if you find out there are FREE introductory programs and you can get started without paying a penny?

There are FREE webinar sessions available for developing a non-profit’s volunteer program. You can also watch a free 7 minute video to learn the “secret of success” for the fundraising method, which has grown programs to exceed expectations. The webinars you pay for are never more than $129! There’s even one where you get four sessions teaching you the whole sustainable fundraising program and it’s still only $129, so obviously it is the best value! The sessions teach valuable lessons in less than 50 minutes and each session shares proven methods to achieve success. You leave each session with a package of information to leverage for growing the dollars you raise. Become educated on Self-study Courses by clicking this link.

Re: SOAR Discovery Session ($150) – “Gayle is the kind of person that takes YOUR personal project to heart and offers sound advice on how to achieve YOUR goals. She walks through the project with you, sharing ideas and insights that you may have missed not being able to see the forest for the trees. I was able to leave the session with a new perspective on how to launch my new product, price points, and selling options.” Tracie Bennitt, Instaneedle

1:1 coaching is $150 for a 50-minute session. Three goals for moving your program closer to reaching your financial dream number are determined and the timeline is set in place. You can schedule your session by clicking here!

How often have you heard someone say, “The program you’ve put together is remarkable?” What if I tell you this happens regularly when you develop your outreach programs through SOAR with Network Fundraising? It happens because you suddenly begin hitting all of your metrics AND you’re happier!! Your fundraising becomes easy and is based solely on the relationships you develop.

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Stretch to raise money!

Imagine lifting your arms and reaching toward the sky. It feels so good to stretch. The same is true when you expand your circle of influence and bring new people in to learn about you.

Talk Less and Listen More

The more you learn about someone the more ways you can find to “overlap.” Listening gives us the opportunity to discover what’s meaningful to someone else. The more people we are able to listen to, the more opportunities we have to expand our circle. Receive tips via email for mastering this – click here!

Do What You Say

Following up in meaningful ways allows people to know, like and trust you. You listen and record what you hear. People gradually open up to doing business with you when they recognize your interest in them.

Choose Your Battles

A fight, which serves a higher purpose than yourself is worth consideration. People want to know you value a larger picture. Some people fight for what they believe in – just know there’s a time and place. Will the fight make a better situation for others in the end or is it all about you? Another thought to ponder – is the fight worth the aggravation it brings into your life or can you go about resolving it in a different way?

Be Present

When people make time for you, make time for them. You’re in a meeting and now you’re worried about your next meeting, your email, or phone messages. This is not the time. If you’re worried about missing an appointment set an alarm. If, for some reason, you do have to be available for a call – let the person you’re meeting with know that and then put your phone aside until it rings.

Continue To Grow

Welcome opportunities to learn. People like knowing the person they are associated with is educated and conscious of improving.

Good luck as you stretch for today. May you find the right people to assist your mission.

To receive three tips for increasing market share through networking – click here and receive them immediately via email. 

Progression of success!

By Gayle Gross

Right now…what are you thinking about in relation to your business; home; family; favorite pastimes? It takes a progressive thought toward achievement in any one of these things in order to create success. Your success looks different than mine because we each have our own picture of what success is. If you want to chat about success, let’s do it! Click here to see my calendar.

I live downtown in Colorado Springs, which is a wonderful opportunity because it’s easy to walk to places. Restaurants, movies, galleries, and one of my favorite, the “Our Story Coffee” are all close by.

The image for this story really encouraged me to write on this topic. Living downtown also played a part in it. There are people on the streets who look like the man sitting on the ground; the man on the small chair; the man on the folding chair; and the man on the office chair! Every walk of life is here.

Would you like to try something with me? Write down a handful of things, which are most important to you. For example, I would write: happy and healthy family; peace of mind; being successful at my work; sitting with people I love and getting to know them better; being outside and spending time with dogs.

Chances are…the things most important to you are already things you have around you. Am I right? They are the things you think about the most.

The progression of success comes when we set a goal and move towards it. The man sitting on the ground may want to stay there although he doesn’t look happy and he’s got a laptop – probably looking at a photo of a guy in a suit sitting in a cushy office chair! It is up to him to believe he can be that guy and then, it’s up to him to take the steps to make it happen. What he could do:

  1. Focus everyday on his goal
  2. Take steps to achieve the ideas, which come into his mind
  3. Eventually, put together a progressive plan
  4. Take action

The ability to do this alone is not always possible. It is why services are set up to help people. The guy on the ground had obviously taken the progressive steps to be the guy with the biggest smile. He made an effort, which probably took his focus, hard work, and support.

I talk with people to help them achieve a “next step” when it comes to increasing market share and raising more money. A SOAR Discovery session is available for anyone on their journey to move forward. You can learn more about a SOAR Discovery Session through this link.

Yesterday, I met the director for the Ecumenical Social Ministries in Colorado Springs. This organizations helps the homeless people living on the streets. At the time, I was having lunch with the development manager for Eastern Colorado Bank and they buy the laundry soap for ESM. What a wonderful world we live in when people open their hearts to helping others achieve success.

Are you ready to be progressive? Let’s do it together.

SOAR Discovery Session

You may choose to have a 10 – 15 minute FREE call first. I am happy to learn about your program or business and provide feedback from an outside perspective! Click here to see my calendar.

Volunteers & Giving Back!

Volunteers are so wonderful as they give of their time and we all know, time is money. When doing the calculations the other day, $24.14 is the value for each volunteer hour (independentsector.org). A person I know who coaches football is donating over $6000 worth of time to a local high school. He feels good about giving of his time and doesn’t ask for anything in return.

There are times when a volunteer feels unappreciated by the organization they spend most of their free time with even though they don’t expect anything in return. This is not something the organization does knowingly but it does happen.

People tend to misunderstand volunteers. They believe them to be retired, and people who have a lot of time on their hands. 

Screen shot 2017-10-03 at 10.15.08 AM

How you appreciate volunteers is key:

  • Send random messages to let them know you appreciate their service
  • Put together a special appreciation activity for only those who give of their time – this can be a special breakfast or lunch your staff/clients help to prepare
  • Acknowledge a volunteer’s service in press releases, advertising, newsletters, and on social media (with their approval)
  • Invite volunteers to accompany you to special events at no-cost to them

A volunteer has a busy life and they are passionate about causes, hopefully yours! They lead others and know how to build relationships. They have a willingness to try new things, a bit of a risk taker. And best of all, they will stay in touch and communicate. Finding the right volunteer and keeping them motivated takes some skill and attention to detail.


Gayle Gross, an avid volunteer before becoming a “paid volunteer” to sit on non-profit boards, is a published author and business advocate for increasing market share. Volunteers help an organization make big strides in achieving great things.